Crossing Over!

2607928641_985659d54cOver the last week the Lord has led me to study the first 6 chapters of the Book of Joshua. I am very familiar with this book as it is one of my favourite books of the Bible and yet God has revealed some new things to me through it. Out of the first 6 chapters of Joshua God has shown me 10 Keys to ‘Crossing Over’. I believe these 10 keys are important for any leader or church wanting to cross over into the fulness of God’s promises. (Several years ago I read Paul Scanlon’s book ‘Crossing Over’ but the following insights aren’t a reflection of Scanlon’s work in any way).¬†

Read Joshua 1-6 for a thorough explanation of the following keys:

  1. Crossing over begins with you (1:1-9) – If you don’t cross over personally, no one you lead will.
  2. Crossing over requires practical preparation (1:10-11) – Practical considerations have to be made regarding resources, systems, structures, etc…
  3. Crossing over requires clear vision (2:1) – Without clear vision you won’t know what you are crossing over into.
  4. Crossing over requires spiritual consecration (3:5) – If you don’t set yourself apart spiritually through prayer and fasting, you will not be strong enough to cross over.
  5. Crossing over requires following the leading of the Holy Spirit (3:3-4) – Like Israel, we must follow the Ark of the Covenant (God’s presence) because we haven’t been this way before.
  6. Crossing over will always involve a step of faith into the miracle zone (3:15-16) – You cannot cross over without taking a step of faith. God will always reward faith with miraculous intervention.
  7. Crossing over requires you to not forget what God has done for you (4:5-7) – You must remember to celebrate and pass onto the coming generations what God has done for you.
  8. Crossing over requires your flesh to be cut off (5:2;9) – Like Israel, our flesh must be cut off and our hearts circumcised.
  9. Crossing over will always involve a battle (5:13-14) – When God shows up with a sword in his hand , just know you are about to face a battle.
  10. Crossing over will require you to do things that don’t make sense (6:3-5) – God’s ways are higher than our ways and God will use unconventional means to secure victory for us. My recommendation is just obey.

Lead the Change!

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