We prepare the Environment – God adds the Growth!

2569091622_b0d8315d8a_t1 Corinthians 3:6 “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.”

One of my supreme passions in life is helping people and churches grow. In everything I do in my life I want to grow and learn as much as I can. In all of my life experiences I have observed what to do and what not to do to grow a church. Church growth is not a ONE KEY issue – it’s a jigsaw puzzle. So many of us are looking for the one key to unlock growth in our lives and ministries but the truth is there are lots of little pieces to the puzzle that contributes to growth.

We prepare the environment and God adds the growth!

10 insights to GROWTH

  1. Develop a growth mindset – Think, talk and act growth
  2. Get disciplined – Increase your capacity by becoming more disciplined
  3. Find a coach – Coaching quickens your capacity to grow
  4. Increase your prayer life – A head filled with knowledge cannot compensate for a lack of prayer
  5. Lead through vision – Clarify your vision and cast it regularly
  6. See yourself as a cultural architect – Create the culture through example, storytelling and teaching
  7. Structure your ministry for growth – size of the dream determines the size of the team
  8. Develop leaders from the ground up – stop recruiting from the outside in and build your own farm
  9. Clarify your goals and hold your team accountable – What are your measurable outcomes?
  10. Refocus the church on the mission – Keep the main thing the main thing

Lead the Change!

3 Responses to “We prepare the Environment – God adds the Growth!”

  1. Growing a church does not come from motivational, manipulatation and culturally relevant-seeker senistive methods.

    Hence why a alot of churches are filled with false converts. Unregenerate people who have been told they are saved by a evangelist or so called pastor who boasts of how many converts he has.

    Question: Did Paul, or any of the apostles for that matter, ever boast the way half these ‘church growth guru’s do? Simple answer is no.

    Dont attempt to grow a church by generating and implimenting these silly church growth methods. The result is a church filled with tares, worldly tares.

    I see you have Driscoll on your blogroll. Aside from Driscoll’s incorrect contexualisation he is a man who stands on reformed theology. Do the same.

    Preach the Word! Dont twist it.

    Church growth comes from God, He does not need us to manipulate and motivate. He wants His truth to be proclaimed in full.

    In Him,


  2. I believe the last thing we need is another church aimed at the the middle class and upperclass. We have enough of them. Not to say that those in those classes dont need Jesus, they do, but so do the broken, the homeless, the addicts, the poor, the ones with rips in their clothes and scars on there hearts. Is it too much to hope that God can create the atmosphere. Yes he uses us as tools. we are his hands and feet. He trusts us to share the gospel in a place pleasing to him and accepting of people from all walks of life. We must reflect Christ, to me this means great humility, and a lot less materialism in churches today. If we are relecting Christ then the broken would be able to come into the house of the Lord and feel comfortable, and be able to feel His presance. It can be very hard to feel Gods presance when Sunday Church is more of a concert than a humble place for believers to gather. If a church is growing according to techniques and manipulations, Image and materialism, and a learnt science then i agree, are there true followers in that place, or are they coming because of a man made atmosphere, thats fun and attractive? I guess we should ask ourselves, who are the people attracted to these churches? who is walking through the doors on a Sunday? I dont think size of a church has any bearing on whether God is blessing it if they are not coming 100% for a hunger and thirst for God. Better to have less distractions in a church so God can do his awesome works than have to question what heart lies behind a church.
    When God has a plan for something you can garentee that the enemy does too. And he can be subtle, it can be a slow fade. So I implore all pastores and leaders to be ever so careful in their ministries that everystep they take comes for the will of God, and is done with love for God and his children and in great humility. Success in the Lord is far far greater than worldly success, If your buisness and churches are successful. reflect on the roots of that success.

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