Heroes – Esther LG Study!

2755210021_3475e3b205Introduction: Read Esther 4

Esther was a beautiful woman used by God to save the Jews from genocide. She had to make some gutsy choices about how she was going to respond to the challenge Mordecai gave to her and she came through. God used the simple, yet desperate faith of a young woman to save a nation.

Discussion: What do you love about the story of Esther?


  1. Read Esther 2:9,15 – Why does God give us favour with people?
  2. Read Esther 3:6 – What was the source of Haman’s anger?
  3. Read Esther 4:11 – What excuses does Esther make?
  4. Read Esther 4:13-14 – What is Mordecai’s response to Esther?
  5. Read Esther 4:16-17 – What is Esther’s response to her uncle?


  1. Where can you see God’s favour in your own life?
  2. How should we steward the favour God gives to us?
  3. What excuses have you given to God when he’s asked you to do something?
  4. How are you responding to God’s call today to do something for him?
  5. What does Esther’s example inspire you to do?

Lead the Change!

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