Not Ordinary but Obedient LG Study!

149463742_b2ed182edcIntroduction: Read Genesis 6:11-22

It doesn’t matter how ordinary you are, what matters is how obedient you are! We often rule ourselves out of the extraordinary because we think we’re too ordinary. But as I read about the heroes of the Bible, almost all of them had something going against them that could have become an excuse for not doing what God was asking them to do. It could be argued that Abraham was too old, David was too young, Rahab was too much of a prostitute and Mary was too much of a virgin. But despite all of these issues, God used these people because it doesn’t matter how ordinary you are, what matters is how obedient you are.

God asked Noah

In Genesis 6:11-22 we discover that God asked Noah to do something outrageous in his generation – Build an Ark. Noah’s generation was spiritually and morally compromised and God decided to wipe man off the face of the earth by sending a deluge of water to destroy every living creature and every living person, except Noah, his family and the animals God chose to be with him. Into this doomsday situation GRACE found Noah and called him to obey God to save a remnant of humanity and animals. At the risk of thinking that Noah was some kind of spiritual superman, we need a reality check.

Noah was Ordinary: Read Genesis 9:20-24

  1. What mistake did Noah made? 
  2. What mistakes have you made in the past that you haven’t let go of?
  3. How does God respond to us when we sin?

It doesn’t matter how ordinary we are, what matters is how obedient we are!

Our Generation is like Noah’s: Read Matthew 24:37

  1. What does Jesus say the condition of the world will be like when he returns?
  2. Describe the characteristics of the culture we live in?
  3. What set Noah apart in his generation?

Obedience set Noah apart from the crowd

  1. What does the phrase ‘Speedy Obedience’ mean to you?
  2. Discuss the comment “Pay the price to hear God’s voice and have the courage to obey what God asks you to do.”
  3. Can you identify something God has asked you to do that you haven’t done yet?
  4. What excuse have you been giving to God as to why you haven’t obeyed him yet?
  5. What are the potential repercussions of our response to what God asks us to do?
  6. Discuss the comment, “Intimacy with God must include obedience to God.”

Conclusion: It doesn’t matter how ordinary you are, what matters is how obedient you are!

5 Responses to “Not Ordinary but Obedient LG Study!”

  1. I like that you speak much of obedience Cory. That is importaant.

    I dont like that you did not post my comments about your misusage of the verses in Timothy. It makes me doubt that you are open to both correction and engaging in dialogue. Be transparent.

    • Corey Turner Says:

      With all due respect Matt.This is my blog and I have the right to post whatever I want to post.

      I don’t agree with your perspective of my interpretation of the verses in Timothy. If you check out a number of my previous blog comments from others you will see that I am more than open to differences of opinion.

      Finally, the idea of ‘correction’ over the internet is utterly ridiculous. I have several key people that speak into my life and they are the ones who i allow to bring correction into my life, not someone who i don’t know and happens to differ with me over the internet.


      • Hi Corey,

        It is great to finally hear from you.
        It is your blog and you do have every right to post what you like. That does not mean that others cannot question both the content and intergrity of all that encompassess.

        You used 2 Timothy 3:5 from memory ;

        “holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; ”

        as a means to speak of a Christian’s apathy, when this verse and passage is clearly speaking of false teachers. And you disagree with that?

        Can you please explain why?

        Also, I said “it makes me doubt that you are transparent etc etc”. I never said you are. And by engaging and posting my comments it shows that you possibly are open.

        As for the whole correction thing; I am not sure why you would negate the use of words read to bring correction into your life, if what was said bought about exaclty that…..correction. Even if it was from the internet. I mean by your blog posts you hope to bring correction right? Or are you simply out to motivate?

        Thank you for your reply.


      • Corey Turner Says:


        2 Timothy 3:5 is set in the context of Paul describing how ‘PEOPLE” will act and what “PEOPLE” will be like.

        Please, let it go!


      • I will let it go (and wonder)………

        Look at what the intepretation of 2 Timothy 3 has been throughout all of church history…….

        It is, and has been understood to be, all throughout church history to be referring to false teachers.

        Thats all.

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