3040618059_494aae86a5“… every Christian needs to serve to be healthy in their soul.” (Servolution: Dino Rizzo. 2009, Pg50)

There is one area of God’s kingdom that some Christians think is an optional extra and that is ‘serving others’. What we fail to realize is that serving others is not only a blessing for others but is incredibly important for the spiritual development of our own souls.

I want to ignite a church revolution through serving people. I want to set an example of servanthood that inspires others around me to serve others as well. I want to mobilize hundreds and thousands of people to impact the community in a significant way. I want Jesus to get all the glory as thousands of people’s lives are transformed by the simple yet powerful demonstration of the gospel.

Just recently, Activate invested hundreds of man hours and weeks of preparation into transforming a run down precinct of Maroondah Secondary College. It was fantastic to see dozens and dozens of volunteers giving of themselves to make a difference to this school who needed help and support in this way. The team building was excellent, relationships were built and the gospel was preached with simple acts of generosity and servanthood.

I believe that one of the key ways to reach Aussies with the gospel, especially in the suburbs, is to engage with needs in the local community and simply serve people. If we caught a heart to serve others and make a practical difference in people’s lives, we eventually would earn the right to speak into people’s lives in a powerful way.

Serving the Community – It not only adds value to others but it does wonders for your soul. Ignite a servolution in your church and watch what God does.

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “Servolution!”

  1. Servolution – not an event, but a way of life! Love it! 🙂

  2. saw an article in local paper 15.9.09 – Maroondah leader – that Maroondah Sec college won a 2009 Schools First Seed Funding award (1 of 20 AWARDS) – great to know Activate had the foresight to assist before that! Well done,

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