The Adventure of your LIFE!

2120228928_82e079f5c4Many of us are looking for adventure somewhere out there but the reality is true adventure is only found in the context of a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Adventure isn’t a Hollywood fairy tale or a computer generated ‘virtual reality’ experience. It is a result of radical obedience that flows out of healthy intimacy with the heart of God.

Every time I grow closer to Jesus and commit to simply obeying what he asks me to do, adventure ends up finding me. The biggest breakthroughs in my life and ministry have come out of intimate obedience in my relationship with God. Not one significant event or outcome in my life came about because I chased it for myself… ouch! Take today for instance. I was attending a seminar on church planting and all of a sudden I was whisked away into an office with the guest speaker not really knowing why i was sitting there with him and as a result of a 10 minute conversation, doors and opportunities began to open for the advancement of the gospel.

God wants to exceed your expectations of adventure but as long as you are holding tightly onto your dreams adventure will elude you. The moment you let go and let God, God really will bring adventure to you, in his time. I used to fear that following Jesus with all my heart would mean I’d be bored but I have discovered something completely the opposite. There’s more adventure than you can point a stick at. Living with Jesus involves a lot of risk, faith, obedience and perseverance but it’s well worth it.

Galatians 6:9 says, “Do not grow weary in doing good for in due season, you’ll reap if you don’t lose heart.”

Lead the Change!

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