Go for a Walk!

2951792021_10a059655bThere are moments in each of our lives when the world around us starts to cave in on us and we need to clear our heads by getting a fresh perspective on life. Sometimes this occurs because of stress and pressure in the workplace, other times it’s conflict in our relationships or it’s sickness in our bodies. Whatever the reasons for the stress, there is an answer.

Go for a WALK!

What the? Apart from the obvious physical benefits of walking, when you go for a walk with the intention to get clarity on life or a situation you are facing, walking it out actually helps your mental and spiritual processing. I have been feeling under the weather and I am not good at lying in bed and waiting to get better so i decided to walk it out.

As i started to walk, i started to thank God for the beautiful day and i took in my surroundings. I started to pray and process all that has been happening in my world. 10mins turned into 30mins which then turned into 60mins which then turned into 90mins which then turned into 2hrs which finally turned into 2.5hrs of walking.

This walk has proved to be one of the most significant spiritual encounters I have had all year and gave me clarity on many things I had been processing and searching for.

The next time you are facing a challenging situation and the world feels like it is pressing in on you, GO FOR A WALK! Clear your mind, lungs and heart of all the noise and walk it out with God. You will come back feeling better and ready to get back in the race of life with renewed faith.

Lead the Change!

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