Leave a legacy that lives on!

Recently, I heard of a faithful man of God from my Salvation Army days passing away after many years of faithful service and ministry. This man was instrumental in encouraging my mum and dad in their formative years of becoming Christians and then later on as they became pastors.

I can still remember the joy in this mans voice as he would encourage me to keep loving Jesus. I can still remember him recounting the stories of witnessing to people in the street in open air meetings. More recently I saw him sitting on a park bench at a retirement village, without his much loved spouse, and as he talked it was clear, he still had the same passion for Jesus as he had many years before. This man, ‘Dick Collett’ has left a legacy of faith in my life and family that lives on.

What legacy are you leaving in people’s lives? I’m not talking about money or possessions but a legacy of faith. What will people remember about you long after you are gone? Will people be able to point in your direction and say, “I am here because of that person’s influence” or “I am different because of the mark that person left on me.”

What mark will you leave on people’s lives? I hope that you are seeking to be the sort of person that others will look to and say the same things about you, as I am of my old friend. Leaving a legacy that lives on looks like:

  • Being intentional about how you live 
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Being authentic in character
  • Letting passion ooze from your soul
  • Seizing opportunities before you
  • Constant encouragement of others
  • Sowing seeds of faith into people’s lives
  • Standing courageously for your convictions
  • Following Jesus

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Leave a legacy that lives on!”

  1. Corey,

    I agree with your kind words about Dick Collett. For guys our vintage he certainly was an encourager and an example of holy living.

    Matt Reeve

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