Fatherhood – LG Study!

3551019373_135ae07155Introduction – Read Romans 8:15-17

On Fathers Day we had David McCracken come and speak at Activate Church on getting a revelation of the Father heart of God. In his opening comments he said that God had revealed to him a word for our Church – ‘Everything God would call us to accomplish in the next few years would come from a revelation of God as Abba Father’. David talked about what Security in God looks like and what it produces in our lives.

What does a revelation of the Father heart of God look like?

  1. Security of being totally loved by the Father
  2. Security of being unconditionally accepted by the Father
  3. Security of being the recipient of the Father’s provision
  4. Security of knowing the authority of the Father rests on me
  5. Security in knowing that my steps are ordered by the Lord
  6. Security of knowing the Father is always motivated for my good
  7. Security of knowing the Father is All mighty and All powerful

Discuss the statement, “Security is the mark of a revelation of God as our Father.”

What does Security in God as our Eternal Father produce in our lives?

  1. We will live without fear
  2. We will live without anxiety
  3. We will not compare ourselves with others
  4. We will not be intimidated by others success
  5. We will be capable of bold initiatives
  6. We will dream dreams that are impossible in our own strength
  7. We will have a driving force to please God and bring him honour

Discussion Questions:

  1. Where do you struggle with insecurity?
  2. Why is it dangerous to compare yourself with others?
  3. When have you not stepped out in faith because of fear?
  4. What dream has God put into your heart?
  5. What is the driving force of your life?

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