Be Yourself!


Hanging with Isaac & Kari in Seattle

Teenage Years

Growing up as a teenager i suffered from insecurity about my personal identity and as a result jumped from one pursuit to the other trying to find my self. The teenage years are known as the experimental years because we are gaining independence and trying new things out, testing whether or not we enjoy them or connect with them. For this reason the teenage years are fraught with all sorts of potential pot holes to fall into.

Personal Identity

One of the key issues in our lives is personal identity. It becomes more apparent in adolescence and continues on into our twenties. Dysfunction in this area of our lives can manifest in all sorts of ways affecting our relationships, jobs and finances. For me the last ten years of ministry has been about discovering more of who I am in Christ as much as it has been about ministering to people and making a difference in their lives for the cause of the Gospel.

John The Baptist

In John 3:25-30 there is a perfect picture of healthy identity in the life of John the Baptist. John’s disciples come to him and explain that the masses who had followed his ministry are now following Jesus ministry and John needs to do something about it. John responds with remarkable security and clarity about his identity, calling and purpose. John’s response gives us insights into the importance of being yourself, nothing more and nothing less.

Insight’s into Being Yourself from John 3:25-30

  1. Know the boundaries of your call (3:26a) – God’s calling has boundaries to it, don’t cross them.
  2. Be secure with someone else’s success (3:26b) – Insecurity manifests when somebody else succeeds.
  3. Security is found in God’s sovereignty (3:27) – You can rest in God’s sovereign plan for your life and ministry.
  4. Security comes from knowing who you are and what you’re called to do (3:28) – Know who you are in Christ and what his calling is for your life.
  5. Ultimate joy is found in fulfilling God’s call (3:29) – Joy isn’t found in success as the world knows it but in fulfilling your call.

Be yourself – nothing MORE and nothing LESS!

Lead the Change!

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