Teen Challenge!

Last night I preached at Teen Challenge in Kyabram, VIC. I have preached there now a couple of times and every time I go I am amazed at the testimonies of transformation I hear from the men who are apart of the program there.

Teen Challenge is a ministry to 18+ males who have addictions to drug and alcohol and it requires them to live in and complete a program of restoration and rehabilitation over approximately a 12 month period. The directors of Teen Challenge Neil and Marcie Meyer are incredible people who have their own stories of incredible transformation. They are doing a tremendous job of pouring their lives out for the guys that are coming through the program.

As each member of the program comes up to share their testimony they keep pointing back to the work of Jesus Christ in their life, showing that the emphasis in the whole program is the power of Jesus Christ to bring healing and wholeness to people’s brokenness.

I preached from Mark 11:1-11 on the topic, “Fit for the King.” My BIG Idea was, ‘No matter what anyone says about you or however inadequate you feel, YOU ARE FIT FOR THE KING! Just as the donkey was a humble beast of burden used by Jesus to ride into Jerusalem on, all we are is donkeys for Jesus fit for him to ride in His glory upon. It went off like a firecracker in your lounge room.

Do something significant with the life God has given to you. Don’t waste it on yourself but spend it for the sake of others. No matter how inadequate or insecure you feel about yourself God sees you as being ‘FIT FOR THE KING!’

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “Teen Challenge!”

  1. Mat Edwards Says:

    hey u guys are great hope the best for all yall wished i chould be that person make that change cause i kno theres this void in my heart that i ko i can be ah betta person an change but afta ah while its like i keep runin from it dunno kina silly i want to be the father for my little girl that my father never was or will be for me i have a 2 year old beautiful baby gurl that needs me an ima be there for her its hard to exsplain ery thing sorrie im runin my mouth so much ya dont even kno me my names mathew edwards im actually goin tru this court thing they gave me 2 years probation with one year house arrest i was drunk go figua when i got in trouble i always am when i have eva got in trouble but anyways i really think that even if i can do it maybe thats not all i really need to feel tha void i was talking about i have family thats willing to help me with money if i can get into yalls program dont kno if wat i need but i really have a good feeling about it in my heart so ima appeal my sentence and see if they are willing to give me ah chance at it what do u think about it my # is 995 4517 if ya wanna get ahold of me sorrie bout bllabberin alot about me ya prolly dont care much but sumthin jus told me to rite this in this space when i was checkin out ya page thanx

    • Corey Turner Says:

      Hi Mat,

      Thank you for your reply. I will try and get you connected with Teen Challenge to help you.

      Praying for you and someone will be in contact with you soon.


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