Get out of the Way – LG Study!

770557316_164a25f8caIntroduction – Read Acts 1

“I am my biggest problem.” My biggest problem isn’t the downturn in the economy or the opinions of others but myself. If there is someone who is going to get in the way of the Holy Spirit having his say, it isn’t my wife or kids, it’s me!

We are own worst enemies. John Maxwell once said, “If we could kick the person responsible for most of our troubles, we wouldn’t be able to sit down for weeks.”  Most of our problems stem from getting in the way of the Sprit having His say in our lives and ministries. The Bible confirms this to be true. Page after page reveals that humanity does a great job of getting in the way of what God’s intention was for an individual (Adam & Eve; Moses; Saul; Peter).

Acts 1

In the first chapter of the Book of Acts the disciples are in a transition time in their relationship with Jesus. Jesus has died upon the cross, risen from the dead and appeared to his disciples several times over a 50 day period. Jesus is about to ascend to heaven and be glorified by his Father and he gives his disciples instructions about what to expect and what they are to do. In this passage there are several insights into how we can get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit have his say.

6 Insights – How to get out of the WAY and let the Holy Spirit have His SAY!

  1. Wait for God’s promises to come to pass (v4) – Sometimes we can miss what God has for us because we are too hasty and impatient. When have you not waited for God and what was the outcome?
  2. Trust in God’s sovereignty (v6) – There are some things in God that are none of our business. God has a sovereign plan and we need to rethink the way we approach our lives in light of God’s sovereignty. Discuss this idea, “What you cannot control is what God is using to shape you most in your life.”
  3. Look out for the signposts (v8) – Keep a lookout for the signposts God gives to you. What are some examples of signposts has God given to you in the past? What signs is God giving you right now?
  4. Stop looking at where God has been (v10-11) – We get in the way when we get stuck looking at where God has been rather than where God is going. Where is God leading you in your life?
  5. Devote yourself to prayer (v14) – Prayer is the air we breathe as believers and oxygen to our souls. Where do you meet with God regularly and what does your prayer time look like?
  6. Go, where God is leading (v24-26) – Don’t try to get God to bless what you are doing but start doing what God is already blessing. Where is God already leading in your life?

Lead the Change!

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