Dealing with Death!

Dying is not a topic that you hear talked about much because it doesn’t make for great dinner conversation…and for good reason. However, all of us have to face it and deal with it. 

Just yesterday I visited my dying grandmother in palliative care. In a matter of a couple of weeks her liver has failed, she has lost considerable weight and she doesn’t even look like my gran…but her eyes still communicated love and tenderness to me like they always have.

I had the privilege of spending a little time with her as she approaches the last days of her life. I began to recall fond memories with her, thanking her for what she generously contributed into my life. My gran has left a legacy for our family of love, faith and strength. Even though she couldn’t talk with me, her eyes communicated for her. As I prayed with her and told her I loved her, her eyes began to well up with tears and you could tell she desperately wanted to say a few words to me…even though she couldn’t.

What  a privilege to spend the last moments with someone and pray for them as they get promoted to heaven to be with Jesus face to face forever! My gran loved Jesus and believed in Jesus and will be eternally rewarded by Jesus very soon. Her life wasn’t in vain, she fulfilled her purpose.

What about you? Are you making the most of every day? Are you living with a sense of urgency and an eternal perspective? How are you treating your family members? Do you know with certainty where you will go when you die? 

Death may not be a popular topic to talk about but it is an important issue that you need to process now. Don’t put off thinking about it because life travels faster than you think. Death has a way of putting things into perspective. Whatever you are going to do, do it now because life is short and eternity is a long time

As I think about my grandmother I close with the words of a song from Steven Curtis Chapman, “We can cry with hope and we can grieve with hope, because we know our goodbye is not the end. There’s a place where we’ll see your face again.”

Jesus said in John 11:25-26, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?”

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Dealing with Death!”

  1. Death comes to all of us, and in my life I have faced many situations where I have been have been confronted with death in a tough and difficult time of losing someone I love so very much. I have only been a Christian for nearly 6 years and nearly 2 years ago I lost my brother to cancer in a very short battle with the illness, when we found out about his cancer my first thing was to be angry but then panic set in because I new my role in my family was to lead my brother to the Lord, and the only thing I new to do was to pray, and pray is what I did, I prayed and prayed and got people to join me in the power of prayer and the night my brother was taken from us here on earth he gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. What an awesome privilege I had to pray for him in this way and the instant relief I had when I knew that he went to be with our Saviour.

    Life is short and we are on a brief journey that goes so fast. My brother, father and all my grandparents, Aunts and Uncles have left us here on earth and this has shown me that your time here is very brief and to make the most of every day, whether the day is a challenge or the happiest of your life, each day should be lived passion and fullness. My family is small now and it has given me a different perspective on life, to enjoy the small things in life, stop, look, smell, touch and taste.

    Corey, your family are in my thoughts and prayers through this time.


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