Bloom where you’re PLANTED!

2539870636_11c383da7fToo many of us think that adventure and excitement is somewhere out there rather than just right where we are. Too many people leave their home and church to find that elusive fulfillment in a far away place. The reality is this kind of thinking is a misnomer. 

There is not a place called ‘THERE’ that is the answer to all your problems here at home. The reality is you take you with you everywhere you go. God’s blessing is not on geographical places or churches, it’s on the people in those places. Churches, families and businesses suffer when people jump from place to place to place never dealing with the issues and opportunities that are right in front of them.

For all of the emphasis on ‘GOING and making disciples’ in the Scriptures there is also a need for us to realise that going and making disciples can actually look like STAYING in the City, Church and Community you find yourself in and making disciples right where you are. I want to be someone who makes staying in the same church, community and city the trendy thing to do. Why? Because you are not going to bloom if you are not planted right where God has positioned you.

Stop looking for adventure somewhere out there and begin to live the adventure of your life right where you are. Build the church you’re in, love the family and friends you’ve got and give yourself to the community you already live in. It takes maturity to stay where you are and make the most of it. Immaturity is demonstrated by inconsistency in words, deeds and relationships.

Some people think that to have an adventure you’ve got to go to the world but when you bloom where you are planted a world of adventure often comes to you. BLOOM where you are PLANTED!

Lead the Change!

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