Do MORE by doing LESS!

2802881741_b187d6c530I have a fixation with growth. I love growing personally as a Christian and a person and I love seeing Churches, organisations and other people grow as well. Unfortunately with growth comes complexity. As Churches grow bigger more stuff gets added to them and if you’re not careful it can actually slow growth down. The same thing can happen when you grow personally as well.

That’s why I want to encourage you to do more by doing less! In his book, “Deliberate Simplicity” Dave Browning writes about 6 powerful principles that can minimise the effects of instutionalisation and increase the momentum of your own growth and the growth of the organisation or group you lead. The 6 principles are:

  1. Minimality: Keep it SIMPLE – It’s not about the hours you put in; it’s about what you put into those hours. Focusing is about making choices, and that means deciding what to leave out as well as what to leave in. The secret of concentration is elimination.
  2. Intentionality: Keep it MISSIONAL – Keep asking the question, “What business are we in?” Be intentional about staying focused on the main thing you exist for.
  3. Reality: Keep it REAL – Say goodbye to impression management and say hello to candor. Love God, love people and come as you are…really.
  4. Multility: Keep it CELLULAR – Always ask, “What if…?” It’s a dangerous question but an important one if you are going to keep growing. Multility is a commitment to creating multiples of some thing rather than multiple versions of that thing.¬†
  5. Velocity: Keep it MOVING – Live with a sense of urgency. Time is short and now is the time to act. Develop the ability to move from idea to implementation quickly (By the way Activate’s growth has come from this one principle).
  6. Scalability: Keep it EXPANDING – Keep people scattering out rather than focused in. Develop an “arrows out” theology that keeps people moving out rather than staying boxed in.

Lead the Change!

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