3681860742_a1788876a9_tMentoring is a popular concept in contemporary society and used in a variety of settings. The truth is mentoring is a biblical idea and is utilised as a great tool to disciple people to become more like Jesus and grow in their calling and gifting.

Mentoring, best takes place in a relationship between 2 people and involves one person intentionally empowering and equipping the protege to fulfill their potential and grow in a specific area. I would add, I think there is a difference between coaching and mentoring. To me coaching is more focused on skill or gift development and mentoring is more focused on character growth and spiritual maturity. However, the 2 bleed into one at different times in the mentoring/coaching relationship.

Mentoring can be initiated by the mentor asking a potential mentoree or vice versa. Mentoring is another form of discipleship and is really important in the spiritual formation of another individual. The call of the Great Commission (Mt 28:18-20) involves a radical commitment to discipleship. The importance of discipleship has been lost in many churches and ministries and resulted in Christians attending a lot of meetings but not necessarily growing and being discipled in a small group or one on one.

Mentors reproduce themselves in the life of another and when it comes to discipleship, mentors are to reproduce the character of Christ in the life of another. Whoever we are will eventually rub off on the people around us. Mentors identify issues and obstacles in a protege’s life and help them to overcome those obstacles. Mentors have a listening ear and just listen to people’s hearts and journeys and helps them see God and His purpose in the midst of the journey. Mentors see potential where others don’t and invest themselves into developing that potential.

Who are you mentoring? Who are you investing into? Who are you discipling and raising up? We are all where we are today because somebody invested into us. Who will look back on their life in years to come and say that they are where they are because of what you invested into them? Don’t miss your opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life today? Start mentoring someone and leave a legacy behind you.

Lead the Change!

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