Small is the New Big!

430211957_0d8450bb0d_tIn our current economy and political climate, it’s interesting to observe the scaling back of many organisations, including churches. Both the war on terrorism and the business world has revealed to us the power of operating as a lean, mean fighting machine.

The world’s only superpower (USA) with all of its military strength and might hasn’t been able to destroy the cell based terrorist militia’s of the middle east. This is also a flash back to the Vietnam War when America with its technology and weaponry presumed that Vietnam was going to be easy and discovered that the tactics the Viet Kong were using were more effective than bigger and better.

So too in the Church we need to embrace ‘deliberate simplicity’. Economic downturns force churches to embrace more of a lean and mean approach to ministry. I think that this model suits the Church as our roots are founded on a lean, mean group of disciples who caught a passion for the Gospel and went out and obeyed the Great Commission in a non-conventional way.

In a society where everything seems to be heading towards mega-shopping centres and the like, there is also a reversal trend towards the simple, small and fast moving. The Apple company is one example of this as well as several airlines including Virgin airlines. 

We are called by Jesus to have a mega impact but how we do that needs to be tempered with minimality, intentionality, reality and simplicity. Zero in on those core hedgehog strengths that you only are best at and go after it with all your might rather than spreading yourself thin over many areas and in the process diluting what Jesus has gifted you for.

Lead the Change!

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