Strategic Shifts you MUST make!


The word shift means to change from one position to another. Another way of saying this is to move from where you are to where you need to be. The very nature of life and leadership requires shifts of all kinds because a leader is someone who moves themselves and people from where they are to where they need to be. Leadership flows from the inside out, it emanates from what is going on in the condition of our hearts. External shifts in the environment around us are a result of internal shifts in our own hearts.

Recent Shifts

Over the last ten years of ministry I have faced seasons of testing that have required me to make shifts both in my thinking and my approach to life and leadership. Let me share with you some of the shifts I have had to make in recent times:

A PRESSURE shift from comfortable to chaotic – The first thing that signals a transition into growing pains is increased pressure in your life. Pressure is the amount of force applied to your schedule, relationships, capacity and finances. When faced with increasing pressure the temptation will be to either push harder or sideline yourself. Either option isn’t going to help you grow. Go contrary to what you think you should do, work less and spend more time with God.

A DEPENDANCY shift from self to God – You are inadequate for the task you are facing and recognizing this requires an attitude of humility. You have got to loosen your grip on what you can control and entrust everything to God’s sovereignty in your life. Refocus yourself on God;s grace and His sufficiency.

A CAPACITY shift from coping to conquering – Your capacity as a leader is the measure of your ability to lead others and if you are going to lead more people, you are going to need to increase your capacity. Increasing your capacity is a holistic process that requires you to respond positively to being thrown into the deep end of life.

A ROLE shift from working in the ministry to working on the ministry – Growing pains require you to look at your role through a different lens than what you have looked through in the past. You must stop doing everything and start delegating tasks and projects to others so you can work on the future growth and direction of the ministry rather than getting stuck in the everyday challenges of the ministry.

A THEOLOGICAL shift from law to grace – Growing pains reveal what areas of your theology needs to be refined and sharpened. Growing pains reveal that its more about what Christ has already done for you than it is about what you are doing. Living by the law produces a works mentality where you are constantly thinking about what you must do but living by God’s grace makes you Christ-Conscious where it’s all about what Christ had already done.

A HEART shift from barrenness to fruitfulness – Growth is less about what you do and more about what you allow Christ to do in you. When Christ is forming in us we position ourselves for fruitfulness and only an abiding and healthy relationship with Jesus can transform our hearts from barrenness to fruitfulness. Fruitfulness is a heart thing primarily.

Lead the Change!

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