Insights into the Australian Church!

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I have had the privilege over the last 30 years to observe many different expressions of the Australian Church. I was raised in the Salvation Army, have served full time in the Church of Christ, the CRC and now the ACC and preached in all types of denominational and independent churches. Each expression of the church has obvious strengths and some weaknesses. More recently both Simone and I have been privileged to be apart of the interdenominational Arrow Leadership Training Course which has given us even further insight into the Australian Church.

Here are 10 of my insights into the Australian Church:

  1. The Church has a leadership crisis: There is a vacuum of leadership in the church and many churches are promoting younger leaders quicker because of a lack of experienced leaders.
  2. Ministry in the 21st Century is complex: A lot more strategic thinking is required to connect with a constantly changing culture.
  3. Denominations are still alive: In spite of all the rhetoric, there is still a lot of pride and sectarian attitudes regarding denominations.
  4. A lack of evangelism is an issue in most churches: The key question i keep hearing ministers ask in ministry training circles is, “How do we effectively engage in mission?”
  5. There’s no right way to do Church, just right principles: Scripture shows us what a church is and does and as long as we follow the Biblical example, we can be very creative and innovative with our methodology.
  6. Knowledge cannot compensate for a lack of prayer: We need to be theologically informed but also spiritually empowered. Knowledge alone won’t take us where we need to go.
  7. Relational leadership is not optional: Most church conflicts are a result of a lack of relational IQ
  8. The Church mustn’t shy away from talking about money: Money is the Aussie God so we’ve got to teach on what the Bible says about it.
  9. A big issue in Christian ministry is not getting things done: Many leaders spend too much time with other things on their mind and don’t accomplish what they’ve been called to do.
  10. We are products of our cultural environment: We have to be so careful what cultures we build in our Churches because we eventually become products of it.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Insights into the Australian Church!”

  1. Heh Pstr Corey,
    @ da local library finally……..So as u c i’ve jumped onto da web site of church.
    As yet i don’t have a home ph & internet so i need 2 intentionally when tym permits go seek an available computer ok.
    Yep, i can now put my hand up when u next ask @ church ~ who has seen web site = me….!
    Luv all above what u say – ok.Lines up with me & what i believe ok.
    Kids ministry area looks betta with old walls down now eh?I helped Shawn yestaday & Treva + Jake n Dave …
    Look 4ward 2 serving meals on friday nyts also….
    Cu soon God Bless 2 all.

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