The BIG Mo!

Great momentumMomentum is a beautiful thing

Yesterday at Activate was a great lesson in momentum. We held our 10am morning service at Hoyts Cinemas Eastland and the theatre was packed with people hungry for God’s presence. We ran our DNA course in a recently vacated restaurant near the Pancake Parlour and we held our 6pm service in our ‘being developed’ auditorium space in Melbourne St Mall, Ringwood.

Buzz in the air

There was a buzz in the air and a great sense of expectation as God’s people and inquiring people gathered together to worship and hear God’s Word preached. With momentum on your side you can get much done and move forward in leaps and bounds in ways that would be more difficult without momentum.

The BIG Mo

When you have the BIG Mo on your side it draws and gathers people in a powerful way. The BIG Mo makes you look better than you really are. The BIG Mo helps you accomplish tasks that seem impossible without momentum. The BIG Mo fuels the growth of your organisation.

How to get IT?

Getting the BIG Mo requires you to discover the source of the BIG Mo. God is the source of momentum. The more tuned into Him you are and the more you follow His leading, the more momentum builds in your life and ministry. I used to ask God to bless what I was doing. Now, I join God in what He is asking me to do because what God is doing is already blessed. I look for where God is at work and join him rather than trying to get God to bless what I want to do. The more I take my hands off the steering wheel, without being irresponsible, and allow God to steer the vehicle of my life and the church, the more I see the BIg Mo everywhere I look. Get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit have His say.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “The BIG Mo!”

  1. Karen Tiller Says:

    Fantastic….. Absolutely.. Thats taking Church “out there” – where He is so Hungry to go and where he is! Yeahy! Exciting and so real!

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