New Activate Facilities!

In approximately 6 weeks (Aug 30th, 09) Activate Church will be moving our Sunday services to our new semi-permanent facilities at L1, 20 Melbourne St Mall, Ringwood, VIC. For 12 months we have had our offices at the same address but recently we have decided to gut one side of our office complex and fit it out with a 450 seat auditorium complete with a Parents Room, foyer and fantastic audio-visuals. 

We have over 1000 square meters of space on L1 and we are trying to secure an additional 450sqm of space on the ground floor where the former Commonwealth Bank storefront was. We want to use this for our kids programs and community impact ministry. 

We have had incredible help from Shawn Coulthard and Energy Constructions renovating, dismantling and fitting out all the relevant facilities, as well as from various members of the church.

On Sunday 23rd August in our morning and night services we will be taking up an offering to fit out our new facility. We are hoping to secure the new venue for the next 2-5 years but it all depends on Eastland’s new development plans. Even if it was to be a shorter time than expected, we see the incredible advantage of having a permanent site for the next couple of years rather than constantly moving from venue to venue.

For the next 4 weeks we are meeting at Hoyts Eastland in Ringwood for our 10am service and at the church offices L1, 20 Melbourne St Mall, Ringwood for our 6pm service. We would love to have you come along and attend our services.

Lead the Change!

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