How to know God?

30611184_63df274dd1_mTo answer this question, I am going to interact with some excerpts from the book “Total Church”.

God is known through what is contrary. He is known in a hidden way. God’s invisible attributes are revealed in suffering and the cross – glory in shame, wisdom in folly, power in weakness, victory in defeat. God is known through the message of the cross. God’s justice is revealed in the opposite of justice – in the justification of sinners” (who don’t deserve to be justified).

“If knowledge of God could be obtained from what is visible (creation, spiritual experiences, miracles) that would lead to pride. So God determined to be known through suffering so that he would be hidden from all those who exalt themselves. Only someone who has had all the spirit taken out of him and has been broken can know God.”

Some have said that humility is the precondition for knowing God. My observation has been that only those who are humbled or crushed before God can truly know him. Those who pursue personal glory pursue wisdom, experience and miracles but often say that suffering is bad. But those who pursue the cross values suffering as that through which God is revealed. “Knowledge of God is not found through human wisdom, powers, or achievements but in the foolishness of the cross.” We come to God on his terms, dependent on God to disclose himself.

“It requires faith to recognize God in the absence of God, to recognize victory in defeat, to recognize glory in shame. God is known only be faith. And because this requires faith, it is an act of grace. We do not contribute to our salvation – it is all God’s doing. It is the same for our knowledge of God. We do not contribute to our knowledge of God – It is all God’s doing. God reveals himself in a hidden way in order to safeguard the graciousness of revelation”

We don’t know God because we are more clever or have greater insight or are more disciplined in prayer than the next person. We only know God because He has graciously revealed himself to us in the reality of the bloody cross. God is only known through what he reveals about himself and his greatest self-disclosure is the message of the cross – power in weakness, glory in shame and wisdom in folly.

How do we know God? “Not primarily through mystical insight or theological wisdom or supernatural visions or words of knowledge or the beauty of creation. We know God through the message of the cross.”

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