Increase your Capacity!

3325774928_9dc0737bc1_mStepping Stone or Tombstone

We all face seasons in life when our capacity is being stretched and tested. How do you respond in these stretching seasons? The easy option is to check out and think that it’s all too hard. But my observation of life and God reveals that if we see the challenges before us as opportunities to grow and become the people God has called us to be then we will get more out of life and make a greater impact in the process. Turn your tests into stepping stones and don’t allow them to become your tombstone.

Personal Journey

I am in a season at the moment where I have a number of tasks and projects on the go and I have to be diligent with my time, aware of my limitations and dependent upon God’s grace and strength to complete what is before me. Activate is currently in the middle of an office and auditorium redevelopment project. As well as this I am completing my ‘Supernatural’ book due to be released late August. We are also in the middle of a new teaching series called ‘Mission Possible’. We are updating the website, branding and vision documents for the next 10 years. We are always assessing and reorganising our ministry staff team for the future. I also am completing the first unit of my Masters Degree. I am a husband and father of 3 kids and I want to keep healthy both spiritually and physically. Talk about ‘increase your capacity!’

Assess your Capacity

I want to impress upon you the importance of utilising your potential to do great things for God and the extension of His Kingdom. In order to do so you must assess what your gifts are and what your threshold or capacity is for increase.

Increasing your capacity looks like:

  • Spending more time with Jesus everyday
  • Getting fitter and healthier
  • Scheduling chunks of time in your diary for important tasks
  • Scheduling planning days to get ahead on future projects
  • Getting up half an hour earlier than normal
  • Being clear about what is expected of you
  • Communicate more thoroughly with key people in your life
  • Be intentional about growing in Christlikeness

Lead the Change!

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