Clarify your VISION!

Proverbs 29:18

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Without vision, people perish”. The ESV translation of this same verse says, “Without prophetic revelation, people cast off restraint.”

Clear and Compelling

Without a clear and compelling God-given picture of the future you will lack self-control and personal discipline. One of the only reasons why you exercise discipline in your life is because you have a goal to aim towards. A person without a goal, a vision or a dream lacks the character qualities of discipline and self-control that are necessary to see that vision become reality. 

Stay Engaged

A clear vision for your marriage or your job or your ministry keeps you engaged in the process of the fulfillment of the vision. When I was a Police Officer 10 years ago, I discovered that many of the young people I arrested for criminal offences simply lacked a clear vision for their future and resorted to the temporary distraction of drugs or criminal behaviour to escape their emptiness.


The reason why having a clear vision is so powerful is because a vision gives you hope and when you take away people’s hope, you take away their drive and motivation to work towards something meaningful in their lives. What dream has God given to you? What vision has he revealed in your heart and mind? What are you most passionate about? What drives you and motivates you? Have you noticed laziness creeping into your life? Do you find yourself looking for the easy way out of everything? If so, you need to re-clarify your vision and re-connect with God’s Spirit and re-discover the power of working towards a goal for your life.

Lead the Change!

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