Dream BIG!

3210733192_3d6d7d5a4b_mIt’s so easy in our society to lower the ‘bigness’ of our dreams to a level that everyone around us can cope with and not feel threatened by. We can very easily start living according to someone else’s lower expectations of us to fit in rather than pursuing the dream that God has put into our hearts.

I want to encourage you to hold onto your dreams and run hard after them. Make sure they are God-inspired dreams and not self-inspired dreams. Make sure that you have the support of the people closest to you because you are going to need the support of your loved ones and close work associates. Make sure you have counted the cost before pursuing your dream because as Ecclesiastes says, “A dream comes with much business”. Make sure your dream adds value to others and isn’t at the expense of others. Too many westerners have dreams that compromise the well being of others around them because they are self-centered and self-promoting. 

The Holy Spirit is the author of visions and dreams (Joel 2). As you meditate on God’s Word and prayerfully seek clarity and direction for your future, the Holy Spirit will impart insight and images in your mind and heart that will prompt you and inspire you to rise up and go after the call of God on your life.

Once you have been given a dream and call for your life, meditate upon it and let it become apart of you and pursue it. Don’t let the winter blues or people’s opinion sway you from the dream God has put into your heart. I am a dreamer (hopefully not in my own lunch box) and ever since I was a little boy i have dreamt about grand and wonderful things to be accomplished. Some of these dreams have been of my flesh and some of them have been birthed in my heart by the Spirit of God. For the last 10 years I have been pursuing God’s dream and call for my life and the betterment of the world around me. I have faced obstacles, criticism, discouragement, negativity, opposition and fatigue on the journey but at the same time I have received support, love, promises, encouragement, provision and faith to keep believing and keep pursuing what God originally put into my heart.

You need to do the same thing as well. God is with you and he has a sovereign plan for your life. Grab a hold of it and pursue it with everything within you. Make a difference in the world and leave the world a better place than before you arrived in it.

Lead the Change!

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