When God goes before you!

2491008815_f7ba2a18ee_mTimes and Seasons

There are times and seasons in our lives when you feel like you are pushing a mac truck up a hill…a little challenging. Then there are other seasons when you are playing ‘catch up’ because opportunities and favor are out in front of you and you are holding on for the ride. Both are apart of the journey of life but I can tell you which one is far more enjoyable and easier on you.

My Experience

In my own ministry I have faced seasons when I have felt like God was against me and there was no solution no matter which way I turned and then all of a sudden things dramatically shift and a new pathway is opened before me and I step into it and God brings me into a new and broad territory.

Open Doors

I received a word 10 years ago from Revelation 3:8 which says, “Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut.” This remains a constant encouragement in my life and may it be so to you as well. Look for the open doors that God has already placed before you. Sometimes, like a plane in a holding pattern waiting to land at the airport, we too get into a holding pattern waiting for our moment to step into the open door that God has set before us. I’ve discovered that stepping through the open doors God has for you is an intersection of timing, God’s sovereign plan and our obedient faithfulness to doing whatever he asks us to do.

Follow Jesus

When God goes before you, you get signs that he is at work and that things are moving forward. Pay attention to these signs and go with the momentum that is building in front of you. After all we are following Jesus and he is out in front of us leading and paving the way. Sometimes Jesus is leading us to be still and wait faithfully. Other times he is moving so fast that you are hanging on for your life. Either way keep following him and get in the slip-stream of what God is doing in your life.

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “When God goes before you!”

  1. Corey,

    You are a great man of God…. Thankyou for your honest heart, and your passion for chasing after Him…

    Love ya,

  2. ha, good timing

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