A night with Chuck Missler!

Planet Needs Help

Planet Needs Help

Last night I was invited to hear Dr Chuck Missler speak at Richmond AOG. What an eye opening experience. Chuck Missler has been studying the bible for 60 years, has three earned doctorates, graduated from the US Naval Academy, has been apart of the US intelligence community for several years, served on dozens of defense contractor board of directors, has produced thousands of hours of bible teaching & multiple volumes of bible commentaries and overseer of K-House Institute.

Dr Chuck gave two presentations on the strategic trends affecting the world at the moment. These include:

  • Collapse of the US as a superpower
  • 20th Century was America’s century but no more
  • 21st Century marked as the year for China to emerge as the new superpower
  • The political agenda of muslim nations to attack and destroy Israel (especially Iran)
  • Israel’s military exercises in preparation for response to nuclear attack
  • President Obama resourcing muslim nations surrounding Israel with hundred’s of millions of dollars
  • US considering withdrawing support for Israel (1st time in US History)

He also gave insight into the rising influence of Islam across the globe. Some of these include:

  • The two arms of Islam Sunni (moderate) and Shiite (extreme).
  • Allah not actually the ‘God’ but a moon god (demonic).
  • Where muslim population makes up over 2% of population the downward spiral of that community begins.
  • Iranian president feels called by God to ethnically cleanse all Jews from the planet.
  • France to be a muslim republic by 2050.
  • Birth rate required to sustain a national culture is 2.11 and avge birth rate for many European countries is 1.8 and yet the avge for muslim population in those same countries is 8.1.

All of this is very interesting and gives us insight into what is happening across the globe at the moment. We need to be informed and aware, not scared and definitely not burying our heads in the sand. We need to raise the bar on our own relationship with God and grow closer to him and know what the truth is and live it out.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “A night with Chuck Missler!”

  1. I’ll be recording a radio interview with Chuck later today. I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say.

    I’ll publish the audio at my blog when it’s ready.

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