Faithful Fatherhood!

Over the last week I have been spending a lot of time looking after my kids more than usual as my wife is attending the Arrow leadership Conference. It has been a real privilege to be the main care giver and it has also been revealing just how selfish we all can be at times.

Faithful Fatherhood

Faithful fatherhood requires selflessness to the highest degree. I haven’t been able to do those things that I always like to do and participate in, but in the process I have learnt more about my kids, how they tick and I have gotten closer to them. They are precious, cheeky little characters who have energy in abundance, always hungry and get amused by the simplest of things. I have had the privilege to read bible stories to them as well as bring instruction to them (even though they don’t always listen).

Pastor Dad

I have just finished reading Mark Driscoll’s ‘Pastor Dad’ (available at and how every father is called to be a pastor to their household. What a privilege we have as fathers to read bible stories to our kids, answer questions, set an example to them, train them to think, live, act and relate. Each father has their own little congregation to shepherd and protect. 


Do you see your kids as a nuisance or as a blessing? Do you sigh when your kids mess up everything one more time or do you remind yourself that you do the same thing with God everyday? It’s all about perspective. Your kids aren’t there just for you to raise up, they are also there as a discipleship tool for you. God has a sense of humor and a plan for you to become more like Christ and a congregation to pastor – they’re called kids.

Lead the Change!

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