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Don’t Lose Your FIRE!

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1752872124_8f8977d65f_mIt’s so easy in life to lose your passion for the things of God. Criticism, negativity, obstacles, challenges, success, failure, finances, people, bitterness and resentment are all capable of extinguishing your fire… only if you let them.

Don’t allow yourself to become a bored believer. Stir up the gift within you and start to re-engage in the life God has given to you. You have been given a gift, it’s called LIFE! What are you doing with it?

I have noticed over the years of ministry that there is a great temptation to settle and go through the motions but that isn’t what God has for me. I’m re-firing and re-arming myself to be a bigger blessing than I have ever been before.

Don’t re-tire but re-fire yourself for God and his purposes for the world. Time is running out and you’ll never have this moment again. Make it count and get fired up for flips sake!

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New Book Completed – Supernatural!

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supernatural_3I have just finished writing my 2nd book, “Supernatural”!

This has been a 12 month project that took a lot longer than I thought. It has 13 chapters in it, 150 pages in length and over 30,000 words.

“Supernatural” is my theological reflection on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. It includes my theology on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, the role of faith in moving in the Spirit, the role of the Spirit in our lives and the Spirit at work in corporate worship among other things.

It is a book that begins with the bible and reflects theologically on testimonies of the supernatural and my own experiences of the supernatural. It’s a book that gives you biblical principles to understanding the supernatural and how to move in the power of the Spirit.

Key Insights

It is currently being edited and will be available late August for around $12-14. I have identified some principles along my journey over the last 12 months in completing this project that I hope will give you insight into your own life journey:

  • Don’t give up: I wanted to give up many times on this project but it’s worth persevering.
  • Clarify your thinking: Before putting pen to paper, clarify what you think about the topics you are writing on.
  • Break large projects into small steps: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
  • Plan ahead: Nothing beats a plan that is well organised and well executed.
  • Go public with your goal: I garnered support and peer pressure to finish by telling everyone about my project.
  • Make it your goal to help people: I’m not interested in just fulfilling a dream, I want to make a difference.

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The BIG Mo!

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Great momentumMomentum is a beautiful thing

Yesterday at Activate was a great lesson in momentum. We held our 10am morning service at Hoyts Cinemas Eastland and the theatre was packed with people hungry for God’s presence. We ran our DNA course in a recently vacated restaurant near the Pancake Parlour and we held our 6pm service in our ‘being developed’ auditorium space in Melbourne St Mall, Ringwood.

Buzz in the air

There was a buzz in the air and a great sense of expectation as God’s people and inquiring people gathered together to worship and hear God’s Word preached. With momentum on your side you can get much done and move forward in leaps and bounds in ways that would be more difficult without momentum.

The BIG Mo

When you have the BIG Mo on your side it draws and gathers people in a powerful way. The BIG Mo makes you look better than you really are. The BIG Mo helps you accomplish tasks that seem impossible without momentum. The BIG Mo fuels the growth of your organisation.

How to get IT?

Getting the BIG Mo requires you to discover the source of the BIG Mo. God is the source of momentum. The more tuned into Him you are and the more you follow His leading, the more momentum builds in your life and ministry. I used to ask God to bless what I was doing. Now, I join God in what He is asking me to do because what God is doing is already blessed. I look for where God is at work and join him rather than trying to get God to bless what I want to do. The more I take my hands off the steering wheel, without being irresponsible, and allow God to steer the vehicle of my life and the church, the more I see the BIg Mo everywhere I look. Get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit have His say.

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89.9 Light FM Interview!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 26, 2009 by Corey Turner #ironprophet

On Monday 27th July at 11am I will be interviewed on 89.9 Light FM for an hour in their 1 on 1 segment.

Check it out at 11am Monday. At 1pm on the same day the full interview will be available via podcast on the light FM website.

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New Activate Facilities!

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In approximately 6 weeks (Aug 30th, 09) Activate Church will be moving our Sunday services to our new semi-permanent facilities at L1, 20 Melbourne St Mall, Ringwood, VIC. For 12 months we have had our offices at the same address but recently we have decided to gut one side of our office complex and fit it out with a 450 seat auditorium complete with a Parents Room, foyer and fantastic audio-visuals. 

We have over 1000 square meters of space on L1 and we are trying to secure an additional 450sqm of space on the ground floor where the former Commonwealth Bank storefront was. We want to use this for our kids programs and community impact ministry. 

We have had incredible help from Shawn Coulthard and Energy Constructions renovating, dismantling and fitting out all the relevant facilities, as well as from various members of the church.

On Sunday 23rd August in our morning and night services we will be taking up an offering to fit out our new facility. We are hoping to secure the new venue for the next 2-5 years but it all depends on Eastland’s new development plans. Even if it was to be a shorter time than expected, we see the incredible advantage of having a permanent site for the next couple of years rather than constantly moving from venue to venue.

For the next 4 weeks we are meeting at Hoyts Eastland in Ringwood for our 10am service and at the church offices L1, 20 Melbourne St Mall, Ringwood for our 6pm service. We would love to have you come along and attend our services.

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How to know God?

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30611184_63df274dd1_mTo answer this question, I am going to interact with some excerpts from the book “Total Church”.

God is known through what is contrary. He is known in a hidden way. God’s invisible attributes are revealed in suffering and the cross – glory in shame, wisdom in folly, power in weakness, victory in defeat. God is known through the message of the cross. God’s justice is revealed in the opposite of justice – in the justification of sinners” (who don’t deserve to be justified).

“If knowledge of God could be obtained from what is visible (creation, spiritual experiences, miracles) that would lead to pride. So God determined to be known through suffering so that he would be hidden from all those who exalt themselves. Only someone who has had all the spirit taken out of him and has been broken can know God.”

Some have said that humility is the precondition for knowing God. My observation has been that only those who are humbled or crushed before God can truly know him. Those who pursue personal glory pursue wisdom, experience and miracles but often say that suffering is bad. But those who pursue the cross values suffering as that through which God is revealed. “Knowledge of God is not found through human wisdom, powers, or achievements but in the foolishness of the cross.” We come to God on his terms, dependent on God to disclose himself.

“It requires faith to recognize God in the absence of God, to recognize victory in defeat, to recognize glory in shame. God is known only be faith. And because this requires faith, it is an act of grace. We do not contribute to our salvation – it is all God’s doing. It is the same for our knowledge of God. We do not contribute to our knowledge of God – It is all God’s doing. God reveals himself in a hidden way in order to safeguard the graciousness of revelation”

We don’t know God because we are more clever or have greater insight or are more disciplined in prayer than the next person. We only know God because He has graciously revealed himself to us in the reality of the bloody cross. God is only known through what he reveals about himself and his greatest self-disclosure is the message of the cross – power in weakness, glory in shame and wisdom in folly.

How do we know God? “Not primarily through mystical insight or theological wisdom or supernatural visions or words of knowledge or the beauty of creation. We know God through the message of the cross.”

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Increase your Capacity!

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3325774928_9dc0737bc1_mStepping Stone or Tombstone

We all face seasons in life when our capacity is being stretched and tested. How do you respond in these stretching seasons? The easy option is to check out and think that it’s all too hard. But my observation of life and God reveals that if we see the challenges before us as opportunities to grow and become the people God has called us to be then we will get more out of life and make a greater impact in the process. Turn your tests into stepping stones and don’t allow them to become your tombstone.

Personal Journey

I am in a season at the moment where I have a number of tasks and projects on the go and I have to be diligent with my time, aware of my limitations and dependent upon God’s grace and strength to complete what is before me. Activate is currently in the middle of an office and auditorium redevelopment project. As well as this I am completing my ‘Supernatural’ book due to be released late August. We are also in the middle of a new teaching series called ‘Mission Possible’. We are updating the website, branding and vision documents for the next 10 years. We are always assessing and reorganising our ministry staff team for the future. I also am completing the first unit of my Masters Degree. I am a husband and father of 3 kids and I want to keep healthy both spiritually and physically. Talk about ‘increase your capacity!’

Assess your Capacity

I want to impress upon you the importance of utilising your potential to do great things for God and the extension of His Kingdom. In order to do so you must assess what your gifts are and what your threshold or capacity is for increase.

Increasing your capacity looks like:

  • Spending more time with Jesus everyday
  • Getting fitter and healthier
  • Scheduling chunks of time in your diary for important tasks
  • Scheduling planning days to get ahead on future projects
  • Getting up half an hour earlier than normal
  • Being clear about what is expected of you
  • Communicate more thoroughly with key people in your life
  • Be intentional about growing in Christlikeness

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