Movie – ‘Doubt’

imp_doubt_ver2I recently saw the movie, ‘Doubt’ with Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman. It was nominated for 5 academy awards and overall I thought it was a dark, depressing, bleak and  yet clever film about the tension between faith and doubt. I won’t give away the story line but what the film does is ask questions about certainty and doubt.

Many people struggle with doubt about God, the Scriptures, the church, biblical creationism and the evidence of the supernatural power of God. It’s so easy to become skeptical when our expectations aren’t met and people let us down. If we were honest we all have reasons to become bitter and skeptical and allow doubt to cripple our faith in God because of the negative experiences of our lives. But this is where faith comes in.

Faith isn’t the absence of unanswered questions. There are some questions we have that will not be answered in this life but will become clear in the light of eternal life. If you can’t live with this tension then you are going to be a very miserable person. The Book of James 1:5-8 speaks to this issue of faith and doubt. It says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord, he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.”

You may feel very lost and confused about your life and what on is going on with you, the world and everything within it. Lots of people are, but there are some things you can be certain of that have become foundational in my life. In Matthew 7:24-27 we read of Jesus calling us to hear his words and obey them. If we do we will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock and when the rain fell and the storms came, his house did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. But the person who hears the words of Jesus and doesn’t obey them is like a man who built his house on the sand and when the winds and waves blew against the house, great was the fall and crash of the house.

This is a simple analogy to point out to us that if our lives aren’t founded on the truth of Jesus Christ than when the storms of life hit us we will crumble. You may think they will never hit you but the storms of life always hit, whether you are intelligent, famous, rich, poor, educated or inept. Wrestle with your questions and live with the tension of some of them being unanswered but don’t be stupid and ignore your most fundamental need – forgiveness of sins and faith in Jesus Christ. Get over yourself and take your doubts to Jesus. He alone is the one who knows what to do with them.

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