Creation vs Evolution!

3274252858_1eb9c33bcb_mOur origins are important because it affects our destiny. There are many voices in the world that would attempt to squash the biblical perspective of creation and intelligent design for a more athiestic and secular evolutionary theory of the origins of the earth and mankind.

In 1859 Charles Darwin wrote his famed, “Origin of species by means of natural selection or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life”. The overall theory was that white humans had out evolved blacks and become superior to black humans, but you will never get told this side of Darwin from your college professor. There are 10 problems with secular evolutionary theory:

  1. How can nothing make everything?
  2. How can random chaos make an orderly universe?
  3. How can no ‘designer’ create something that was designed?
  4. How can impersonal matter create personal humanity?
  5. How can the unintelligent make the intelligent?
  6. How can a transition of species happen over a long period of time but no fossil record exist that such a transition actually happened?
  7. How come we’ve been unable to replicate evolution despite trying desperately to do so?
  8. How can some people say the earth is eternal when even evolutionary theorists hold to BIG bang cosmology which assumes there was a beginning?
  9. Why should anyone try to make a meaningful life for themselves if the secularists are right and all of life is full of hopelessness and despair? The end result is simply suicide.
  10. It’s biased and just bad science because spontaneous generation was proven wrong several hundred years ago.

The alternative to creation is simply paganism (a lie).We are all worshippers and so if we don’t worship God we will worship his creation (Rom 1:18-32). The ultimate result of worshipping creation rather than the creator is sexual perversion because the human body is the crowning achievement of God’s creation. 

Oneism is rife in our society and teaches us that all of reality exists in one circle and the goal is to eradicate distinctions (as found in Genesis 1-3) and bring everything into one. Oneism is postmodernism where there isn’t any good or evil and we should only have one religion, the worship of self! Oneism seeks to get Jesus Christ out of the way because Jesus claims to be the only way to truth and life (John 14:6).

The Dalai Lama reinforces oneism when he says, “We used to think that life was two but really it’s one.” The movie Golden Compass reinforces this when it puts all angels into the category of ‘one’ even if those angels are demons. This theme of oneism is seen in the movie ‘Star Wars’ where everything relates back to the force and even in the kids movie Lion King, Elton John made millions from his hit single, “Circle of life”. Oneism attempts to eradicate every distinction as found in Genesis 1-3 and to look to ourselves as the ultimate god of our reality.

But Trueism says that there are distinctions in our early origins (Gen 1-3) and that Jesus Christ was outside the proverbial circle of oneness and came into our reality to save us from our sin because we were lost, blind and dead in our sin (Rom 3:23). The bible is a theological history more than a scientific textbook. The bible exists not to tell us how the heavens go but how to go to heaven. It tells us about the ‘Who’ and the ‘What’, that God made the heavens and the earth (Gen 1:1). We are worshippers. The question is whom do you worship? The creator or the creation?

Lead the Change!

14 Responses to “Creation vs Evolution!”

  1. There are 10 problems with secular evolutionary theory:

    Why say you’re going to list ten problems with evolutionary theory and then make up a list, not of problems, but things you don’t like, and not of evolution, but of cosmology? Do you just not know what evolution is?

  2. So what’s your alternative? God made everything over six 24 hour periods around 6000 years ago? If you believe that, why all the evidence that the universe is much older than this? Did God make things look older and change the speed of light in order to deceive the 99+% of scientists who believe the universe and earth to be billions of years old? Or is the bible inaccurate?

  3. Jack, great line of questioning but I would like to add that being Christian does not mean that you have to throw out all that science has to offer. However, as Ps Corey stated the bible is not a science text book and hence is far from inaccurate, but its purpose is to steer us to God and does not come with an earth ‘born on’ date.

    Whilst I consider it important to hold to a biblical theory on how the earth was created by God, it is not as important as the belief that God made the heavens and the earth. Knowing how it the earth was created will not save you from hell, it would give you bragging rights and intelligence beyond any human in history but that’s about it.

    I am a Jesus loving Christian and I believe in historic creationism which holds that the earth is very old, (i.e. made by God millions or billions of years ago) and over the course of 6 literal days God prepared the earth for human life. I could go on for pages on the many different theories held both biblical and non-biblical but I don’t want to take away Ps Corey’s right of response to you as he is a far more discerning man than I. However, in the interim I would strongly recommend you podcast Ps Mark Driscolls free message on ‘Creation: God Makes’ at as it will blow your mind.

    Keep searching Jack, I pray that it will lead you to the loving God of the Bible and his saving grace.

  4. firstly Jack, you’re raising a debated topic even amongst some Christians. This topic in particular is fairly long winded for the ‘comments’ section…

    To keep this response short and simple, I will ask you a question that is much more important:
    Do you believe that there is an ‘Intelligent Designer’?

    If not, there are countless questions I’d have for you!

  5. Possibly. But I am quite willing to believe that there isn’t one. If there is a creator ‘God’, who created God? If you believe God has always existed, why is it impossible for matter and energy to have always existed?

  6. These are great questions you’re asking. And you’re right – No one ‘created’ God as he’s always existed. Only things that have a beginning – like the world – need a maker. God is not confined by ‘time’ and He created it. You even stated originally that there is an ‘age’ to the earth. The mere fact that people believe there IS an ‘Age’ to the existence of earth, insinuates it was created somehow…

    The equation of the ‘big bang theory’ is:
    Time + Matter + Chance = (somehow) created the world!

    There are so many holes to this theory, and at that – it’s only a ‘theory’. But science is not based on ‘theory’! Science by its own rules must be observed. There is no ‘observational’ evidence to this attempted ‘theory’. Scientists themselves will admit that there are many holes and guesstimates. This ‘theory’ has also been shot to pieces by many of the top scientists and mathematicians.

    Just one example; Dr. John Polkinghorne – a leading quantum physicists in the world – lecturing on the first 3 seconds on the existence of the universe explains “the ratio between the expansion and contraction had to be so exact that it would be literally like taking aim on a 1 square inch target, 20 billion light years away and hitting it bullseye“. Dr Polkinghorne goes on to say “ladies and gentlemen, there is no free lunch! Somebody has to pay!!! You don’t get a universe so densely textured and so infinitely rich by accident”.

    Think about this to the extremities… you need FAR more faith than me to believe in the big bang.

  7. Brent, far greater minds than your and mine have debated the beginning of the universe for hundreds of years. I am actually more interested in considering if the biblical version of God is likely to be true. Think about this – there are 100’s of billions of galaxies, each containing 100’s of billions of stars. Yet according to the bible, the creator of all of this has his greatest interest in the human inhabitants of one planet orbiting one of those stars. Work out the maths on that and see how likely it is that the bible is a man-made work that fits ‘God’ into his own image, rather than this speck of dust called Earth being in any way significant in the universe.

  8. I will also add, going back to the original post, that point no. 9 is a comment that reeks of Christian arrogance – if you don’t believe what we believe, then life is meaningless and you may as well kill yourself.

    • Corey Turner Says:

      Yes Jack, it does seem like Christian arrogance to say that Jesus is the only way, truth and life (John 14:6), especially in an age of post-modern pluralism where it is politically correct to be embracing of everyone’s idea of what life is and how it should be lived. I am a follower of Christ because God has revealed himself to me through Scripture and the person of Jesus Christ and shown me that I am totally depraved and dead in my sin (my own experience shows us that evil exists in the human heart) and apart from repentance and forgiveness of sins through Jesus death and resurrection I am eternally separated from God.

      To become a Christian is to accept that Jesus Christ is who he said he is, “The Son of God.” And if so, then what do I now do with that? This one point has become a stumbling point and rock of offense for many people throughout the last 2000 years and will continue to do so for some. But for those whom God has called and revealed himself to, this stumbling block is surmountable in light of the transformation that Jesus Christ brings to pass in our hearts when we believe in Jesus, repent of our sins and accept regeneration of our hearts. Embracing this truth and becoming a Christian isn’t about what you do in your own strength but by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Christianity is the only religion that rests entirely on the grace of God and not on mans works and efforts to save himself. Almost every other religion points to the individual as being the centre of the universe and thus elevates man’s view of himself as to what he can achieve or according to evolution puts us in the nothing more than an animal category which according to Genesis 1:26-27 is a lie.

      I have had my heart regenerated and changed by Jesus Christ and my mind renewed with the bible. I believe what the bible teaches as absolute authority on all matters of faith and living. The bible doesn’t deny that there are other expressions of truth in medicine, psychology and science but it teaches the verbal-plenary inspiration of scripture meaning, each and every word in the original writings of scripture are God breathed and inspired as God’s ultimate authority for how we are to live and think (2 Tim 3:16). Jesus doesn’t proclaim himself to be the only way because of an impure desire to manipulate people or control people but because he understands, in light of his divinity what we don’t understand in our finiteness, that salvation can be found in no-one else, for there is no other name under heaven by which man can be saved, except through Jesus Christ. This is meant to point us all to the truth of our origins and our destiny. There are specific absolutes in the bible that that God has outlined for our benefit not for our destruction or limitation. It’s whether or not we will respond in repentance and faith to Gods truth that is the most important question.


  9. Devon Feltham Says:

    Hey Corey,

    I just want to encourage and congratulate you on having the kahoonas to raise these controversial points and blog about them. You are definitely making a difference and leading the change.

    I admire the depth of theology you have and the way you deliver God inspired doctrine. People need to hear the truth!

    Keep up the good work mate; you are God appointed Apostle of toady’s world with a specific destiny to have an impact on the generations of the world.

    Love serving God with you week in and week out, and seeing the impact you are having on the world.

    The fruit of your life is evident that you are walking in faith with God and living out his destiny for you.

    Love ya mate, keep it up..


  10. Devon, you must really want a spot in that worship band.

  11. Hey Jack, surely you and I are in the upper echelon of gifted minds (lol) 😉

    Regarding your comment: …yet according to the bible, the creator of all of this has his greatest interest in the human inhabitants of one planet orbiting one of those stars. I don’t see the problem with this at all! Just shows how magnificent and big our God is! There is no greater creation than mankind. Even if scientist’s were to find ‘other’ life forms on other planets – I guarantee they won’t be superior to mankind.

    The intricate nature of the human body, mind, spirit, thought process and ability for independence etc… are unique. Don’t take it for granted. So YES, you ARE significant, whether you believe it or not.

    RE: Point 9 in Corey’s post – is not that ‘you may has well kill yourself’. The point is that if evolution were true, then life is pointless. Darwin himself didn’t like his theory because it meant that existence was purely rooted in “tooth and claw” meaning its survival of the fittest – kill or be killed. This is was the root of Nazi ambitions to create of Super-Powerhouse human race for dominance. The point is that your life has no meaning or purpose. Many more points and questions arise to this…

    I believe if you continue to really seek, you’ll find answers beyond your expectations. You can wrap up any worldview into a bottle and package it nicely, but it doesn’t matter what label you put on the bottle if the bottle is empty! Truth is Truth.

    Every view point must answer questions of:
    Origin, Meaning/Purpose, Morality, Destination.
    Christianity is the only worldview that meets all of these questions individually and collectively… with plenty of evidence outside of itself to support it! I hope you find this to be true for yourself one day.

  12. Brent, when you say “truth is truth”, I agree wholeheartedly. That is exactly what I am seeking – the truth. I believe that I have had Christian blinkers on for years, and tried to fit everything within that mindset. I now fear that much of what I have believed is not true. I want Christianity to be true, however there are just too many things that don’t make sense. If it’s not true, then I want to know. Do you really want to know the truth, or do you only want ‘truth’ if it agrees with your Christian beliefs? I know you can spout off numerous biblical references to the truth, but what are they other than possibly man made statements that have become a part of mainstream ‘Christian-speak’?

  13. Jack, I appreciate your journey, and to really get into this via a ‘thread’ on a blog poses its challenges… What I can certainly share from my journey is that I am not a person that simply takes things at face value alone. I have questions and am facinated by culture and ‘other’ worldviews. Hence, my faith has sort answers to know firstly “What I Believe” and “Why I Believe”. What I’ve found is that there ARE answers out there to many difficult questions. In my honest (best attempted) un-bias opinion – the Christian faith has the most comprehensive answers with amazing harmony.

    If you’re serious, it may be possible to catch up with someone over a coffee or something?

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