Living a Trinitarian Life – The SHACK!

Your doctrine (theology or teaching) informs the quality of your life. One of the areas that we need to grow in is a Trinitarian life. The whole of the Christian Faith is built on the foundation of what God has revealed about himself in His Word. There is no more important question to answer than, “Who is my God?” 

The bible says (Gen 1:1; Deut 4:35; Gen 1:26; Eph 1:3-14; 1 Peter 1:2) that God is one who eternally exists as three distinct persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – who are each fully and properly God.

Books like the SHACK (which I’ve read) have apparently brought new light to the trinitarian nature of God but it has also distorted a lot about the trinitarian nature of God as well. We must remember it’s a fictional story about Mac hanging with God at the Shack… Why it distorts our understanding of the Godhead is because Father God (Papa) is portrayed as a woman and the Holy Spirit (named Serayu…I think) is portrayed as an Asian Woman. The book actually makes a graven image of God and starts to impose a worldview of Father God as a Goddess. Secondly, if God is a mother then we have real problems on our hands… It also describes God as and I quote: “I am truly human in Jesus.” That’s modalism where everything is represented by one person in the Godhead and not three. Thirdly, the idea of the trinity being without hierarchy and chain of command, as the book states is unbiblical. Jesus was in full submission to the Father and only ever did that which the Father showed him to do. The Holy Spirit is the executive agent in the Godhead executing the will of the Father as directed. Don’t react, just process it biblically! Other than that, it’s a good fictional read.

A Trinitarian life is:

  • Loving: God is completely love in all aspects of his nature.
  • Communal: God is in community. We were not meant to live in isolation.
  • Transparent: There are no secrets in the Godhead. We should be honest and transparent as well.
  • Humble: There is no jealousy in Godhead. Humility is the nature of God.
  • Submissive: There’s no rebellion in the Godhead. If you are wilfilly defiant, you are satanic.
  • Happy: There’s no conflict but pure joy and happiness.

Lead the Change!

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