Personal Preferences!

186396078_687f4a3a7e_mWe all have personal preferences in life. Some of us prefer tomato sauce with food, others cannot stand it. Some of us prefer to wear jeans whereas others prefer to wear suits. Some of us prefer John Mayer music where as others prefer Metallica. In most areas of life personal preferences are a non-issue and should be respected but when it comes to being a missionary of the gospel, preferences can get in the way of connecting with unchurched people.

Ed Stetzer says, “It is not about us and our preferences. It is about his mission and the fact that he sends us. We want to practice our preferences. We want things to be the way we like them. But God wants us to be on mission with him, to be sent to some group of people somewhere and to minister in a way that meets their needs, not promotes our preferences.” (Breaking the Missional Code, Pg 32)

One of the most important considerations in being missional to a particular group of unchurched people is breaking from our own preferences. Being missional does not mean doing things the way we like them if it’s contrary to the context we have been called to. Being missional is taking the gospel into the context where we have been called. You can’t be missional and always pick what you like at the same time. Food for thought!

Lead the Change!

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  1. that’s goooood!!!
    rock on corey

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