Breaking the Missional Code!

Ed Stetzer and David Putman have written a book titled, “Breaking the Missional Code”. This is an important book because it looks at how Churches and Christians can be more effective in connecting with the unchurched in our communities. Why this is important is because fewer people are attending Church and following Christ than ever before. Christianity is in the minority and like the early church we need to adopt an apologetic approach to the preaching of the gospel if we are to engage with the majority if unchurched people living within our communities.

In the book they describe the breaking of the code is about seeing the unchurched through 3 sets of different lenses that include people groups, population segments and cultural environments. They also look at how to connect the dots from other churches that are breaking the codes in their communities.

What I took away from the book is the importance of not just copying what someone else is doing in their context but to learn from others in answering the questions:

  1. What is God calling me to do and who has called me to?
  2. Exegete (Study and interpret) the community you find yourself in.
  3. Examine ways God is working in similar communities.
  4. Find God’s unique vision for your church.
  5. Adjust your vision as you learn the context.

Ed Says, “Breaking the code is missionary work, and it is best seen as a missions process. A commitment to the integrity and authority of Scripture, combined with a passion for reaching the people to whom you are called, requires a commitment to prayerfully create a plan and strategy to reach your community.” (Breaking the Missional Code Pg28)

Lead the Change!

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