354005950_638b7806c6_mEzra 7:10 says, “For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.”

Study is something not popular with everyone but is a necessity for the follower of Christ. You can’t be serious about growing in your relationship with Jesus if you are not committed to some form of regular study of the bible and accompanying tools that help you understand what the bible is saying. 

Too many Christians look at the bible on face value and don’t do the necessary work to study the text to find out the actual meaning. I understand that not everyone is passionate nor skilled in interpreting scripture but it’s important that every follower of Christ develop healthy habits of bible study to examine what the Scriptures teach.

Ezra had set his heart to study God’s Word so that he could obey it and teach it to others. Every preacher and pastor needs to heed this verse and do likewise. Too many pastors are looking for a hot word on Saturday night to preach the following morning and not feeding the people a regular diet of solid expositional meat. Where are the Christ followers, who, like the Bereans, studied the Scriptures to see if what was being taught, was truth?

Some pastors use the excuse, “I am not theological”. What? The moment you open your mouth on behalf of Jesus you are being theological. We are living with a dumbed-down church that doesn’t take their doctrinal beliefs seriously enough because some shepherds in the pulpit don’t take their doctrinal beliefs seriously enough.

Gospel preaching is the centerpiece of the Christian Church. You take that away and you and don’t have a church but a cult. Paul says the gospel is Jesus died, was buried and rose again (1 Cor 15). Without preaching of the gospel, it doesn’t matter what else you do, feed the poor, clothe the naked, and visit the prisoner (Matt 25), it is a waste without the accompanying proclamation of the gospel. The Red Cross is more than equipped to fulfill all those tasks and doing a good job of it but they don’t preach the Gospel which is the power of God for salvation (Rom 1:16).

The gospel is not a social gospel or a prosperity gospel or a self-help gospel. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ died, was buried and rose again. This is the pinnacle of the Christian faith. Study it, preach it and live it. Selah!

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “Study!”

  1. Rach Wallace Says:

    Love it!! Good on you! \’We are living with a dumbed-down church\’ how true can this be? It can be a real struggle to regularly read the Bible and just let ourselves be \’spoon-fed\’ on a Sunday. Thankfully, at Activate, even a spoonful on Sunday is rich enough to keep the meat on our bones, but some places are so light on the Word that its easy to be going every week without gaining much.

    We get intimidated by hard questions and difficult situations with friends and neighbours; sometimes people who don\’t believe in God know the Bible better than we do and we spend hours perusing koorong for a book to answer their challenges, but in all truth, while books are incredible and nourishing, nothing beats the original! I see a good book as someone elses rhema word; as in, its that amazing revelation from God that they have received from their one on one with God. And that\’s fabulous and can really help us and broaden our worldview, but there is no way to grow faster, stronger and stay longer than by getting that direct knowledge from God by reading His word for ourselves and watching as He makes it part of us.

    I love the emphasis you and Sim, AT, Shawn and others have put on our one on one time with God and can honestly say that this is the most valuable thing I have learnt at Activate. You have taught us to pursue relationship with God. Rather than catching a fish for us, you have taught us how to fish for ourselves and have stirred up a hunger to get into God\’s word for ourselves and to build relationship with Him.

    We feed our bodies without fail, but so easily starve our spirits and wonder why our lives aren\’t working. I have always been a Christian book junkie and a lite-on Bible reader hehe I struggled to get much out of the Bible, but when you read it in light of the revelation of God\’s love for you and knowing that He wants nothing more than to give you wisdom and understanding, it becomes so much easier to not just read but enjoy it! It is our food! We are not going to grow without it. and when we can see that the whole thing is written in love to us and for us, it becomes much easier to digest and to trust God with what we don\’t yet understand.

    Kudos for standing up and being proud of the Word of God- the true, loving, gracious and empowering truth of God for our generation.

  2. Rach Wallace Says:

    oh btw, i actually think it might have been you who said about books being someone else\’s rhema? Can\’t remember where i got it but it really struck a chord…

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