Mars Hill Church – Seattle!


Mark Driscoll Preaching

Mark Driscoll Preaching

Sunday was a full on day as we attended 3 services at Mars Hill Church with Ps Mark Driscoll and then 1 service at City Church, Kirkland with Ps Judah Smith.


The contrast between the two churches was significant and exemplifies the incredible diversity in the Body of Christ, theologically as well as worship expression.

Mars Hill was very impressive. It is in the top 10 most influential churches in America and one of the fastest growing churches in America attracting thousands of unchurched young adults throughout Seattle across multiple campuses.

It defies the thinking of some pastors in Australia because it runs contrary to the practices and theology of a lot of churches in Aussie land. The preaching of the word is the standout draw card for this church. The preaching and teaching is marked by deep theological content, using and explaining theological terms that most Aussie pastors shy away from. The preaching lasts for at least an hour and young and old people love it. The worship is alternative, yet deeply theological and excludes any hype whatsoever…no battle cry’s or victory shouts for Jesus. The service is marked by simplicity and there is hardly any other extra curricular programs or ministries at the church apart from weekly community groups. The church is loaded with 20 something males which in any western church culture is unheard of. The men are called to a biblical masculinity that calls for example, responsibility and leadership.

These among other things are unique to the culture of Mars Hill. The church is located in the least churched city in America. Seattle is very liberal in it’s culture and theology. The church is filled with very ordinary unchurched people who are sporting tattoos and piercing’s and have had a lot of brokenness in their past. 

I have taken a lot away from this experience and will definitely use what I’ve observed to compliment what we at Activate are already doing.

Lead the Change!

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