Book Review: Death by Love!

I have just finished reading “Death by Love”, a fantastic book about the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ (Jesus’ work on the cross).

Author: Mark Driscoll is the preaching & theology pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington and Gerry Breshears is the professor of theology at Western Seminary.

BIG Idea: The big idea of the book is the sufficiency of Jesus’ work on the cross in every area of our lives. It explores the relevance of the theology of the atonement to everyday life.

Review: This book is a brutal and honest reflection about sin and suffering and points to the sufficiency of Jesus Christ as our true Savior. It explores 12 testimonies of people who are struggling with sin themselves and suffering at the hands of others and how they are responding to it in light of what the atonement has accomplished for us.

Favourite Chapter: Chapter 10 is beyond good, it’s delicious. Chapter 10 is “My wife has a brain tumor: Jesus is Caleb’s Christus Exemplar”. It explores the contrast between the Christianity lite theology of glory compared to the theology of the cross. The theology of glory celebrates what human beings can do based on their personal vision, self-discipline and hard work. The theology of the cross celebrates what Jesus alone can accomplish for us, through us, with us, and in spite of us. The theology of glory is about a Christianity that is aimed at glorifying self to live in victory with health and wealth. The theology of the cross is the true gospel that seeks Jesus, regardless of what it looks like. 

Rating: 9/10 

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