What kind of sheep are you?

There are 4 kinds of unhealthy sheep that weaken a church: (Read Matt 26:30 onwards to the end of the chapter):

  1. Spiritually asleep sheep: Peter, James and John v36-45
  2. Wolves in sheep clothing: Judas v47-49
  3. Follow the crowd sheep: Disciples v56
  4. Conditionally committed sheep: Peter denies Christ v69-74

4 kinds of healthy sheep that strengthen a church:

  1. Spiritually awake sheep: Prayerful and intimate with God
  2. Purely motivated sheep: Not seeking personal glory and power
  3. Follow the leader sheep: Support and follow leadership not crowd
  4. Whatever it takes sheep: Committed no matter the cost.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “What kind of sheep are you?”

  1. I was pleased to see that you have mentioned our little group as being helalthy. Good Luck !
    Ramona, Head Sheep – http://www.sixteensheep.com

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