Dating Pt1!

Simone and I have been together for 15yrs and for the first 6yrs we were in a dating relationship. I can still remember the details of our first date as if it was yesterday. The topic of dating is relevant for all types of people, especially singles. It’s relevant for married people as well because marriage doesn’t mean you stop dating each other. Dating is relevant for parents of kids and teens because you’re going to be facing the reality of your son and daughter being attracted to the opposite sex very soon, or already.

Hugh Mackay has written a book titled, “Advance Australia…Where?” In this revealing book Hugh gives us a snapshot of the current demographic of Australia including, for the first time in history there are more unmarried people in Australia then married people. The marriage rate is the lowest in 100yrs. 76% of couples live together before marriage. Over 40% of all marriages end in divorce and 1/3 of all babies are born to unmarried couples. 

Our society is suffering the consequences of a distorted idea of sexuality and we need to get God’s perspective on dating. How does a Christian date righteously and what are the relevant boundaries before marriage?

To develop a theology of dating we need to begin in the book of origins and beginnings and read Genesis 1-3 thoroughly (Have a read). In Ch3 we discover the gender wars start as a result of man rebelling against God and the curse of sin falling upon both Adam and Eve. Eve’s curse is pain in childbearing and desire to control her husband. Adam’s curse is pain and sweat in the work of his hands and difficulty leading his wife.

Because of sin there are 2 reactions to marriage and the gender wars. One reaction is to idolise independence and exalt self and what self wants over family, others and the community at large. The second reaction is to idolise family and see single people as inferior and lower value because they aren’t consumed with family or don’t have any kids.

Both reactions need to be remedied by asking the question, “How is your relationship with Jesus Christ?” Your relationship with Jesus is the no1  priority of your life and must be first before any other relationship.2nd question to ask is, “Are you listening to cultural lies?” If you are getting your relational advice more from pop culture than God’s Word, you are developing distorted ideas of dating, sex, marriage and relationships. 3rd question to ask is, “Do you understand that the purpose of marriage is holiness, not necessarily happiness. happiness is a byproduct of holiness but 2 sinful, wicked and unregenerate people coming together in marriage can actually produce more hell for each other than happiness if Christ isn’t at the centre of that relationship.

We’ll finish up this topic tomorrow.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Dating Pt1!”

  1. Karen Tiller Says:

    Absolutely! And its just such a fine line. walking i holiness and closeness to the Lord in today Society is very hard and one can feel quite isolated and lonely but its worth it to follow Jesus…

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