True Theology: Knowing and Loving God

2227885639_cdff5cd64a_mThe study of theology is considered dry and boring by some people but for those who truly want to know God, theology is a necessity and vitally important. Meaningful relationship with God is dependent on correct knowledge of him. The word “theology” comes from two Greek words theos (God) and logos (word). Developing your theology is the effort to define who God is and what this means in a relevant and coherent way based upon what God has revealed about himself. 

Knowledge of God and love for God is the goal of theology. Knowledge without devotion is cold and dead orthodoxy. Devotion without knowledge is irrational instability. True knowledge of God requires understanding everything from his perspective. If we are to do this then wee need to pursue knowledge of God as a daily part of our lifestyles.

Good theology is based in the belief that God exists, is personal, can be known, and has revealed himself. Because of this every Christian who pursues theology based on these presuppositions is actually a theologian, even if they wouldn’t consider themselves so by their vocation. The ESV study bible says, “A believer whose life is consumed with knowing his Lord is most certainly a theologian because theologians are committed to truth.”

If you are to grow as a theologian then it’s important that you have a method and a process to develop your theology within. You must consider the historical context and progressive nature of what God has revealed in His Word. This requires a careful study or what we call “exegesis” (process of interpretation) of Scripture in order to determine the correct meaning of a bible passage.

As you are studying and interpreting Scripture you will start to determine what are the essential doctrines (teaching) of the bible and what are the peripheral doctrines. Determining the relative importance of various theological issues can fall within 4 basic categories:

  1. Absolutes define the core beliefs of the Christian faith.
  2. Convictions while not core will have significant impact on you and the church’s spiritual health.
  3. Opinions are less clear issues that are not worth dividing over.
  4. Questions are currently unsettled issues.

Knowing and loving God is the most important thing in life. Study God and His Word and invest into knowing what God has revealed about himself so that you can have an informed and true theology.

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