Rethinking Sexuality

Society's Idea

Society's Idea

Too many of us think that when 2 people sleep together that this is what it means to be sexual. While this is an expression of our sexuality it is only surface level and inch deep at best…No pun intended. Rob Bell discusses what sexuality is in his book, ‘Sex God’ and offers some important points for us to consider. I will use his ideas as a backdrop for my thoughts below.

One of the latin words for sex is sacare. It means to sever, amputate and disconnect. Sexuality is all of the ways we strive to reconnect with God, truth and the world around us. Our sexuality involves our awareness of how profoundly severed and cut off we are from God, love, truth and relationship and secondly, it involves all of the ways we go about trying to reconnect with God, love, truth and relationship.

My father went to a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Conference in Amsterdam, Holland many years ago and was informed about the red light district there. As he shared the info about what goes on in that region of Amsterdam it’s very evident that a lot of sexual activity is going on in every square foot of that property and yet I would suggest that it would have to be one of the most un-sexual places on the planet.

Sex outside of God’s design for you leaves you feeling disconnected, severed and cut off from God, love, truth and relationship. This is why you can have sex like a rabbit and still feel broken, unsatisfied in your heart, disconnected and cut off. On the other hand, it’s completely possible to be a celibate and yet be one of the most sexual people to ever live because your relationship with God, understanding of truth, encounter and expression of love in your relationships is so rich and real that it points you more to a better understanding of what sexuality is.

You will never be truly healed and whole sexually until God is at the centre of of your sexuality. With God at the centre of your sexuality, it’s possible for a virgin spirit to be restored to your heart and your relationships.

Lead the Change!

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