Acts 3 Reflections

2418649596_0e9f981c7b_mToday lets continue with a commentary of the Book of Acts of the Apostles:

V1: Peter and John were heading to the temple at the hour of prayer. The disciples within Jewish culture had designated times of prayer at the temple. Prayer was apart of their lifestyle and expected to be embraced. When is your hour of prayer? Where do you go to connect with God? Prayer isn’t something that only happens when you are attending church but should be a normal part of everyday lifestyle. One Sunday night I will be preaching on “What happens when you don’t PRAY?”

V2-10: Peter and John are asked by a lame beggar to give money to him but the apostles possess something far greater the power and name of Jesus to heal the sick. Peter moves in the power of the Holy Spirit and God heals the lame beggar miraculously. Peter helped the man up and he began to leap and shout praises to God and everyone who knew of this man looked on in amazement.

V11-16: A crowd gathered to Peter and John because of the miracles. Miracles draw attention from the masses for the purpose of preaching the Gospel. Miracles aren’t an end in themselves but they are a means of helping people and drawing attention to the reality of Jesus Christ. Peter starts to preach about faith in Jesus Christ and calls people to believe in Jesus not in themselves as mere instruments of God.

V17-21: Peter’s preaching of the gospel includes calling people to repentance of their sins so that their sin would be blotted out and times of refreshing may come from God’s presence. Repentance isn’t something that you hear preached about a lot but it is a critical part of the gospel. Repentance means to stop doing what you are doing and have a change of heart and mind and start doing something else. The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands people everywhere to repent. The gospel is both incarnational and proclamative. We need to serve and love people as Jesus hands and feet but we also need to confront people with the gospel and proclaim “Repent”.

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