Systemise your life!

165213565_b62062ea5a_mAll of us at some point struggle with being unorganised. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are sinking under the waves of mounting emails, people demands, missed deadlines and a packed schedule. Deep inside each of us is a longing for meaning, purpose and connection. We all have certain goals and dreams that we want realised but we often don’t know how to sift through the competing demands so that we can actually focus on those things that matter most.

One of the solutions to this malady is to systemise your life. Now this may sound very clinical and too structured for you but without some sort of system to help you prioritise, set boundaries and accomplish tasks and demands you will not accomplish your purpose and goals for your life. Often the only thing stopping you is your disorganisation. You can have great ideas, lots of passion and energy for the goals you are aiming for but if you don’t organise yourself you are never going to see the goals become reality. Let me say it again, you will NEVER see your goals become reality if you don’t organise yourself. It doesn’t matter how sincere and well intentioned you are about your goals, if you don’t set things in order, set boundaries, plan your schedule, discipline yourself, and work your plan you just will not see the fruit of your dreaming.

This is where systems come in. Systems don’t have to be complicated or difficult to get your mind around. A system is simply a way of doing things or the way you organise ideas, principles, time and projects. For example, in my life I have a system every morning to ensure I spend time growing my relationship with God, my knowledge and my physical fitness. Every morning at 5am I get up and spend approximately 1hr praying, 40mins reading scripture, 20mins reading a chapter in a book, 20mins blogging and checking daily news updates and 30mins exercising in my gym. By about 8am I have completed the most important part of my day and I can get ready, have b-fast, connect with family and start the next part of my day at 9am. This is an example of a system that I routinely perform every morning. Why? Because I have a goal to grow closer to God, to grow my knowledge, to help you everyday with my blog and to keep fit and healthy.

This is one example of a system in my life. What about you? What systems have you put in place and where do you need to introduce systems to organise your life better? Feel free to leave a comment and give me feedback on your ideas.

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “Systemise your life!”

  1. Rach Wallace Says:

    Oh my goodness. If I have managed to dress myself and hannah, we have both eaten breakfast and I open my Bible by 8am, I am feeling pretty successful! LOL

    I sooo need this post right now! I am constantly feeling 2 steps behind, juggling priorities, tasks and relationships and not often having time to stop, breathe and ask myself, ‘Am I choosing my direction here or am I being swept away from the important because I am too busy with the urgent?’

    By that, I mean that there are many important promptings and directions I know I need to attend to, but often don’t get around to because I am too hectic juggling the right now issues of life, like a spilt drink on the carpet, a phone call from a tele marketer, someone stopping in unannounced or an appointment I made without thinking etc.
    Not that there is anything wrong with attending to urgent matters at hand; no matter how well you plan you will always have interruptions and sometimes these ‘interruptions’ are actually exactly what God would have us do, but sometimes this hectic feeling is a sign that your life and schedule needs some structure and change. And I am so feeling it right now!

    I often complain to God about the interruptions during my quiet time; phone ringing, Hannah vying for my attention etc but God is challenging me to stretch a little more and make that extra effort to rise early and spend the quiet of the morning with Him. I can’t be interrupted if Hannah is asleep and who is going to ring at 5am?

    It’s so easy to not attend to the important, even vital things, thinking we have no other choice, but we are not passengers in our own life. I am determined to take the wheel and steer to my calling, my responsibilities and my convictions. You have inspired once again, Corey, however I am sure I will not feel quite so boisterous and enthused when my blissful doze is interrupted with that rotten beeping of the alarm at 5am LOL

    I am slowly learning that being trained by God is not always a walk in the park, but it does result in living my best life possible.

    • Corey Turner Says:

      Great reflections Rachel.

      Thanks for your honesty and I’m glad the blog helped. Go for it.


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