Pick up your faith!

The story is told in Mark 9:14-28 about an unknown father who had a son with a demonic spirit inside of him that made him mute. This father tried to get Jesus disciples to cast the demon out but could not. This made the father understandably upset and annoyed at the disciples.

When Jesus returned from being transfigured on the mountain with Peter, James and John, he inquired what the commotion was about and the Father explained the situation only to have Jesus respond with “O faithless generation, how long am I to be with you? How long am i to bear with you? Bring him to me.” 

When Jesus asked the father how long the boy had been suffering from this torment, the father answered and then said, “If you can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” Jesus responded with, “If you can! All things are possible for the one who believes.”  The father responded with, “I believe, help my unbelief!” Jesus delivered the boy from his demonic torment and explained to his disciples the primacy of prayer for the deliverance of some people afflicted with unusually strong demonic spirits.

Today, you may feel disappointed and disillusioned with the lack of results that you have seen in your own life circumstances. You may feel discouraged by the church’s lack of power in helping you and you be filled with bitterness at God’s apparent lack of interest in your painful and troubling situation.

I encourage you today to not lose heart but to pick up your faith. You, like the father in the story might even be questioning God’s capacity to intervene and transform the issue you are facing but just because you haven’t seen victory yet doesn’t mean you won’t or can’t.

Jesus is still the King of kings and Lord of lords, seated at the right hand of the Father and interceding on your behalf as your advocate and intermediary. His hand is not short to deliver you and bring about your salvation. All things are still possible and just because Jesus disciples may have failed to help you adequately doesn’t mean that Jesus is powerless as well. Don’t become bitter in heart towards God and the church but guard your heart and stay sweet.

Pick up your faith and remind yourself that you are not alone but God does love you and care about what you are facing. You can see your child be transformed in their behaviour through Christ. You can see reconciliation in your marriage through Christ. You can see great stewardship return to your finances through God’s Word. You can see that demonic oppression broken through Christ and you can be fruitful in the work of your hands through Christ. God is still able and he’s looking for your faith. Hold on!

Lead the Change! 


7 Responses to “Pick up your faith!”

  1. The problem with your brand of faith is that it is unbelievable and holds teachings that others consider non-biblical. Amongst the latter are possibly (you can clarify this) the teachings of tithing, spiritual covering, speaking in tongues and young-earth creationism. This is in addition to your idea that those who do not take the Bible literally are heretics.

    Then there are those Christians who do not have a literal view of scripture, including the gospel stories, the resurrection, the creation account and much historical old testament narrative.

    Is it arrogance or ignorance that drives you to condemn different belief? I’m not sure, since you either refuse to answer, or only partially address questions I have raised on your blog. I hope you have a different approach to others.

    And is it ignorance on your part, that you are not aware of the harm caused in various people’s lives by the behaviour and teaching of Hillsong Church?

  2. David, you’ll need to substantiate your comments…
    Why do you think it’s “unbelievable”? and “non-biblical”?
    They’re pretty big statements and you give nothing to support them.
    (The whole protestant faith is built on ‘scripture alone’ and there’s plenty of supporting scripture for these matters…)

    Are the other “Christians” you’re referring to from Brian McLaren’s camp?

    Arrogance or Ignorance? Neither.
    You seem to be opposed to the Church standing for something and holding to its values in which is has been built – from the Bible.

    You’ve raised some questions in the other blogs, (and aside from the fact I’ve been one of the people responding) I believe your points have been answered and put back to you…

    Can you please share your point? Where do you currently stand in your walk?
    (I’m trying to understand where you’re coming from and what you’re trying to achieve in your posts).

  3. Hi David,

    I read the article from the Washington Post that you linked to in the Washington Post. The headline Jesus Saves, Not the Bible is about the only thing in the whole article that makes sense to me. Believing every word printed in the Bible won’t bring you Salvation. Only accepting Jesus’ grace will.

    However I’m perplexed as to how an individual can view the Bible as being rife with errors yet still accept Jesus. The Bible is the best source of information about Jesus and if it is rife with errors what reason would we have to believe what it says about Jesus’ life, his teachings and salvation. Perhaps some people find it more convenient to believe that the Bible has errors as then they are free to pick & choose what parts they feel are relevant to their lives and what parts they do not wish to accept and therefore classify them as being erroneous.

  4. Also see articles by theologian John Hick at http://www.johnhick.org.uk/articles.html.

    If there are multiple interpretations of the Bible, and good reasons for rejecting literalism, why is a literal approach taught at Activate Church? Why present only one aspect, and hide the rest?

  5. Great points Andrew.
    The Bible teaches that forgiveness of sins is found in Jesus alone, “And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved,” (Acts 4:12).

    David, with all due respect, you seem to shy away from any real stance and purpose in any of your posts. This would help to make these posts constructive. As it is, you seem to skirt around from the outer & take pot shots without any accountability and common objective.

    If you want some counter links to the accuracy and supporting evidence of the Bible, which substanciate why it is we believe, check out the following:

    Can we trust the New Testiment?

    Is the Bible reliable?

  6. Here, here Mr Brent.

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