My surfing experience!

34079733_c99802134b_mWhile Simone and I were holidaying with some close friends down at Phillip Island recently, Paul Derham and I headed down to Smiths Beach for a surf. I reckon it had been 10-15yrs since i had donned the wetsuit and ventured into surf world.

I must admit I had some apprehension even though I come from good surfing stock with the Turner family being renowned for their surfing prowess in past generations. Paul kept on encouraging me that I had the right physique for surfing but I had my reservations. Upon entering the surf, it was clear that i needed to get my bearings and rediscover my aqua genius but after an hour of trying to be Kelly Slater it was clear that I was out of my league.

After being pounded by wave after wave, cut lip, cut feet, bruised toes and any sort of self-respect smashed out of me Paul (my budding instructor) came alongside with some aqua advice like, “Stop trying to catch waves right where they are breaking and come further out into the deep.” As these words passed into my ears, images of Jaws and “dndndndn” music swept through my mind but before they could take hold, I paddled out further where the waves were bigger but cleaner and I didn’t have seaweed wrapping around my legs as much.

After getting to my feet a few times only to get smashed I decided that I either needed to stay on land or take up body boarding (boogie boarding for those uncultured people) which appears to be a little easier because you stay close to the board and don’t have to stand up. As I walked away from the waves and up the beach, the salt water, the sand, the feeling of conquering something (I’m not sure what) hooked me in somewhat. I’m now dreaming of me carving up the face of a monster wave (well maybe a mono wave) but you get the idea.

I’m sure my surfing experience would have been more pleasant if I had have just listened to my instructors words earlier. Sort of reminds you of the words of James 1:22 “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” So many of us read the Bible, hear God’s voice but don’t follow the instructions and wonder why we end up with spiritual cuts and bruises as the waves of life pound us fiercely. Don’t just hear the word but obey it and you’ll start riding the waves of life rather than getting pounded by them. Selah!

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “My surfing experience!”

  1. You went surfing!!!???!!! Will have to call ya up for a surf next time!!! :p
    Happy Belated & blessed Birthday!!!
    luv charity

  2. Hi Corey,
    Loved this image of you surfing. I reckon boogie boarding’s the way to go too! Or even just lying on the beach with a good book! By the way, whose idea was it in the first place to walk on water…haha!!


    Missing you, church, your family, and hope everything in the office is going well.

    love jade (your EA who’s far away from the office… in PARIS!!)

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