New series on RELATIONSHIPS starting soon

3256391_e5a975328d_m1We are starting a new series on relationships starting on Mothers Day (May 10, 09).

The topics we will be covering include:

  • Family/parenting from a mothers perspective (May 10 10am service)
  • Family/parenting from a fathers perspective (May 10 6pm service)
  • Marriage and women (May 17 10am service)
  • Marriage and men (May 17 6pm service)
  • Singles & Dating (May 24 10am & 6pm service) 

The teaching team is looking for feedback on what you would like to hear about relationships throughout the series. If you have any suggestions or questions or ideas for us then could you please send them into me making sure they are related to the topics outlined. Title your comments with “Relationships Series”.

We will be sending out study and discussion notes for all life groups so make sure you connect with a life group asap. If you would like a copy of the discussion notes of the series and you are not connected to Activate Church, let me know and I will make sure we make them available online.

Lead the Change!

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