What is Activate Church Pt4?

I am continuing a series on the DNA of Activate Church and what makes it what it is and what it will be. Here are some further insights into the church.

Activate Church is biblically faithful, yet culturally accessible

We seek to stay true to the literal interpretation of Scripture without taking the scripture out of historical context and misapplying it in the contemporary context.

As well as this, we recognize that the bible does not speak to some issues in our culture that some churches make tabboo and end up polarizing themselves from the culture around them. We seek to be culturally accessible in our tools and methodologies of preaching the gospel, our relationships with ‘sinners and tax collectors’, our casual dress code, our music, and our attitude towards alcohol in moderation, tattoos and the like, which the bible is silent on.

Activate Church preaches a gospel of freedom not fulfillment

Many churches preach a gospel of fulfillment that treats Jesus like a motivational life coach who will help you lose weight, become rich and fulfill the desires of your heart. This is a false gospel and is false teaching. The health, wealth and prosperity gospel is not the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus came preaching repentance for the forgiveness of sins and freedom from the destructive consequences of sin by grace through faith in Jesus Christ(Gal 2:8). Jesus preached, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

The fulfillment gospel is based upon humanist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs from survival to self-actualization and not on Scriptural orthodoxy. Jesus does not exist to help you succeed in life. Jesus lived, died, was buried and rose again to set you free from sin and give you eternal life.

Activate Church is a large church

We do not apologize for seeking to lead as many people as possible into Jesus way of life. We have grown exponentially over the last three years through both transfer growth and conversion growth. We have seen nearly 250 people make decisions to follow Christ in the last 3 years as well as over 300 people connect to our church from other churches.

We’re not fixated on numbers but we do measure the stats to keep up to date with where the church growth is at statistically. Acts 2 recalls 3,000 people were added to the church in one day and the Old Testament has a book called ‘Numbers’ within it. God measures because every soul in God’s kingdom matters.

We have a vision to be a really BIG church that leads thousands of people into Jesus way of life in the coming years. 

Lead the Change!

10 Responses to “What is Activate Church Pt4?”

  1. We seek to stay true to the literal interpretation of Scripture without taking the scripture out of historical context and misapplying it in the contemporary context.

    Does this mean you believe God created the world in six 24 hour days, contrary to evidence of evolution?

    Does this mean you believe the earth is only 1000’s or 10,000 of years old, contrary to evidence of billions of years old?

    Does this mean you believe a literal Adam and Eve were the first humans? Do you believe Eve was literally spoken to by a “real” talking snake.

    Do you believe the Gospel narratives describe real events?

    Isn’t evidence back belief of far greater value than faith backed belief?

  2. You know how it is David, some days they’ll be literalist, others fundamentalist and some days liberalist. It all depends on what stance suits a particular argument or behavioural self rationalisation they’re trying to make.

  3. How much dissenting opinion do you tolerate, Corey?

  4. Interesting points David, but the apparent ‘backed evidence’ you’re referring to is changing all the time… there are answers to your questions. And in turn there are countless questions that science cannot answer – or adjusts in its answers as more ‘evidence’ comes to light in the equations. I’d be interested to know what ‘World View Point’ you are coming from?

    Assuming you’re an evolutionist, i’m sure you’re aware that there are all kinds of problems in fossil records, with new theories being raised all the time to account for why there aren’t any undisputed answers… Interestingly enough, there are several ‘backable’ accounts of Charles Darwin himself becoming a Christian before he passed. And there are more & more highly regarded scientist who back the Bible.

    You need to know the facts about evolution, and you need to know the facts about the Bible. In which the Bible has much supporting evidence both inside and outside of itself.

  5. David – my response is YES to all of that raised in your first post. With particular reference to the so called ‘evidence’ of Evolution and Age of the Earth, I would suggest you delve a little deeper into understanding what this ‘evidence’ is to ensure you are not swayed by what the media or what culture define as evidence and/or fact.

    Christians Scientists (and some secular) have observed much ‘factual data’ that is not reliant on worldview based assumptions in order to support the scriptures. This is contrary to much of the so called ‘evidence’ that has been accepted as ‘fact’ trying to prove that the Christian worldview on such topics is mere unsubstantiated faith. I would go one step further and suggest that there is more factual evidence to support the claims of the bible than the claims of evolutionists and secular non-theistic thinkers!

    The bible and science are not at polar opposites, contrary to popular belief, and if you want to broaden your knowledge in this area I would suggest you search out Christian Scientists and authors such as Henry H Morris (a scientific commentary on the book of Genesis) where many of both Christian and secular theories are broken down and evaluated against scripture and (observed) science.

    Even if you take the bible out of this analysis, you will find many illogical evolutionary arguments that don’t make sense, regardless of whether you are scientifically literate. It is important not to be swayed by any preconceived worldview when discussing ‘factual’ data and science. Fact should be exactly that….Fact, but all too often this word is thrown around when in reality it is only a theory based on non-factual assumptions.

    Just a couple of concepts to consider.. we operate within the constraints of a physical universe, where various physical laws apply. Simplistically, one of these is that life absolutely cannot come from non-life, no matter how many ways you look at it or how many billions of years you throw at it, it simply cannot happen….because of this, the reality is the default that BOTH evolutionists and Christians believe in the supernatural. In short, the big bang, or Darwin’s Origin of species is a “theory” on how life began, it does not and cannot be defined as a fact or evidence that biblical scripture is incorrect or not relevant (I must say both theories are heavily disputed from both Christian AND secular scientists).

    On a slightly more philosophical level, there is also the concept of time, if time has always been eternally ticking, then we would not be able to get to yesterday, today, or tomorrow as you cannot transverse something that is eternal, as it just is, if time is infinite in both the past and the present, then effectively there is no present, past or future. But! there is such a concept as time, time keeps ticking and we pass from one day to the next, the Sun rises and the Sun sets, we get older, things erode etc. Since time had to have a starting point and has NOT eternally existed, something outside of time (i.e. something eternal that is not bound by the constraints of time), had to start the clock ticking.….In the beginning (time), GOD created the heavens and the earth….for me, an all powerful, loving, creator God of the bible, at a base simplicity, provides the most logical answer. How do evolutionists even start to answer this without involving the supernatural? and if you involve the supernatural, how does this fit in with a naturalist theory?

    Truth by definition cannot be contradictory, there can only be one truth, and I believe the Bible is the only way that adequately and consistently answers both scientifically and philosophically, the 4 questions of life, being origin, meaning, morality and destiny. Does it mean we will always understand how things come to pass? absolutely not, you still require faith as we are not all knowing, however, I would suggest if you do look objectively at the evidence and apply it against the scriptures, you will find more than enough coherent and consistent answers to sufficiently satisfy all realms of questioning whether being sought from an emotional, spiritual, logical or physical orgin.

    ps – I did use to believe the Age of the Earth was much older than it was but after being confronted by my Wife about my particular beliefs in this area, I went to task to prove her wrong because that was not what I was taught! I found very quickly however that once I started searching for truth, I actually found it, and what I had been taught,did not make sense no matter which way I looked at it. I had to swallow my pride (this was very difficult at the time) and accept that I was blinded by the general culture and humanistic and evolutionary world view proclaimed as truth that we are all exposed to today!

  6. You are correct in that as scientific knowledge grows, theories are changed, discarded, or created. If you are suggesting that scientific knowledge is very limited, always provisional, and will change as evidence changes, I think that is accurate.

    Look at the evidence for an old earth, for instance. New scientific knowledge has reinforced the theory of an earth billions of years old. This “fact” hasn’t changed or been discarded. If you talk to creation scientists, many will tell you the earth is only thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of years old – based purely on Biblical records. Which do you accept – the “Word of God” or scientific evidence? Perhaps you could respond to this specific matter.

  7. …there are several ‘backable’ accounts of Charles Darwin himself becoming a Christian before he passed

    Refer to this piece by “Creation Ministries International”, entitled “Did Darwin Recant” http://creation.com/did-charles-darwin-recant

    This site, http://noanswersingenesis.org.au/, is a good resource about the many scientific errors and frauds spread by “creation scientists”.

  8. G’day David,
    Within the Christian community, there are different views on the creation timeline. It’s probably best summarised into the following 2 main groups:

    1. Old universe, old earth, old life:
    Where some believe that Creation in Genesis is not meant and written to be taken literal, and use supporting scripture & scientific reference to support the time / length of God’s days. (super summary).

    2. Young universe, young earth, recent life:
    This takes Genesis as literal reading for an account, and the earth is less than 10,000 years old.

    I have a mate who was keen to contribute to this conversation, so I’ll let him explain his journey and diligent investigation to the topic…

    Me personally – I’ll always take the Word of God, because it’s tried & tested and I know that He is unchanging (“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes and forever,” Heb. 13:8). I know this answer covers both viewpoints above, but I’ll run with the second one. There are no full absolutes in the completion of formula for science measuring time. For example, the rules of the earth, its soil, structure and irrigation were completely different Pre-Flood.

    Science is one of those matters that will be linked to support whatever position one holds.

    The key question I believe we need to start with is, “Do you believe there is an Intelligent Designer?”

    Of this, the evidence is outstanding.
    One of the worlds most respected scientists, John Polkinghorne, who lectures at Cambridge University explains the likely hood of life evolution is like taking aim at a tiny object 20 billion light years away and hitting it with pin-point accuracy!

    Can you really tell me that you and I, our loved ones, our brains, emotions, the earth and all creation were merely the occurrence of the following sum =
    Time + Matter + Chance!?

    If so, what is our purpose? Goodness cannot be stood for / there is no such thing as evil… the questions go on & on and we are meaningless.

    That is one ‘World View’ that I do not have enough faith to hold to…

    Any worldview needs to answer: Origin, Meaning, Morality & Destiny.
    The Christian faith can reasonably provide unique and complementary answers to each of these.

    JK Chesterton once stated, “Its not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting. It’s been found difficult and left untried”.

    I think its great you’re searching these matters.

  9. I think that first and foremost the merits of Christianity should be based around the person of Jesus. Either you believe that Jesus was who he claimed to be and that the accounts of his death and resurrection and his offer of salvation through grace are true. Or you do not. That’s entry-level Christianity.

    Atheist V Christian debates unfortunately seem to focus mainly on Creationism V Evolution and touch very little or sometimes not at all on Jesus as if creationism V evoultion is what’s going to either make or break Christianity. Realistically first and foremost Christianity either stands or falls on who Jesus was and what he did.

  10. I agree Andrew, Christ is the most important focus.

    However, if people reject the divinity of Christ based on scientific facts and secular theories such as humanism, naturalism and evolutionism, then those claims need to be tested and tried, because if they are contradictory to the Word of God, why then would people make allowances to believe the rest of the Bible including the divinity and person of Christ?

    All come to Christ via different means, some by scientific and logical reasoning, some because they are in pain and search for grace and deliverance, some because of Christ teaching and miracles, others on a philosophical level etc. As followers of Christ, we cannot stand back and allow contradictory theories to discredit the Word of God and our foundations. We need to rise up and defend the integrity of the Bible by challenging those secular theories that are keeping droves of people from knowing Christ.

    With the advance of technology and science, Genesis is one of, if not the most, contentious and disputed book in the Bible. The logical outworking of evolutionary theories are also incredibly dangerous. The evolutionism taught in our schools and Universities ultimately teach that there are no absolute morals; that we evolved from animals and only got to where we are now through aggression, death and destruction; that we do not need to be accountable to anyone or anything as there is not an intellegent designer and creater God; and the idea that as humans, we are not all equal, some have evolved more than others. The destructive outworkings of such a world view are all to plain to see in both a historical and cultural context.

    Such a world view is clearly inconsistent to the message of the Gospel and hindering the truth for many, that there IS a loving God who sent his only Son to die for our sins so that we may be saved.

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