What is Activate Church Pt2?

Activate Church has 3 core values that act as culture markers and pillars that establish what’s most important in the life of the church. These 3 values are:

Biblical Life

The Bible and preaching is very important to us and we are creating a culture where people’s thinking, relationships and lifestyles are being shaped by God’s Word.

Innovative Leadership

To innovate is to renew, make changes and start again. As leaders we seek to innovate our ministry to fulfill our mission to inspire people to live Jesus way of life. Additionally, we seek to be tech savvy and cutting edge with the tools and methodologies needed to proclaim the gospel in an effective way.

Authentic Relationships

Christ-centered community is essential for the church to embrace and model. Authentic Christianity is characterized in part by genuine love for God’s people (Rom 12:9). Jesus said in John 10:35, “By this shall all people know that you are my disciples, that you have love for one another.” How we treat each other and have fellowship with each other is a litmus test of our relationship with Jesus and our witness to the world of the reality of the Spirit of God living in us.

Lead the Change!

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