Kingdom Culture Pt7 – Technology

107267802_67dd71695811 Corinthians 9:22-23 provides us with the theological underpinning for the utilisation of technology in the church. Technology creates more effective opportunities to preach the gospel to a greater audience of people. Some people despise technology in the church as being from the devil but technology is just a tool to help us do better and more effectively what God has called us to do: preach the gospel to all creation (Mark 16:15).

Within a local church context the following principles need to be observed:

  1. The medium of the sermon is just as important as the content of the sermon.
  2. Incorporating more technology will require more of your time.
  3. The more technology you use, the more money you’ll spend.
  4. The more technology you use, the more staff you’ll need to manage volunteers & equipment.
  5. Experiment with equipment before making long term purchases.
  6. Be humble enough to visit lots of churches and businesses to see what’s going to work for you.
  7. Tech consultants should serve your needs not their wants.
  8. See technology as a tool, not a demi-god.
  9. Count the cost of technology to time, staff and finances.
  10. The more technology you use, the more it will affect how you communicate.

At Activate Church we are trying to leverage technology for the proclamation of the gospel. One of the ways we do this is by filtering our Sunday gatherings through 5 phases (Adapted from Vintage Church):

Phase 1: Attracting – Media is key to this in our culture. Website, radio, billboard advertising and the local paper are key to developing brand recognition with people. Building relationships with people and involving them in church life is the most effective way statistically to seeing people drawn into a church service environment.

Phase 2: Entering – What impression do people receive when they enter your property? How approachable is your venue? Is the directions and advertising clear enough? What is the decor like?

Phase 3: Engaged– How are you going to engage people during the service? Technology is a key part of this. Use stage design and creative props during the sermons. Allow people to sms text in their questions while you are preaching and answer them at the end of the sermon. Utilise multi-media more effectively. Don’t just use powerpoint, it’s quickly becoming outdated and video clips or other media images need to be incorporated in.

Phase 4: Exiting – As people leave the worship experience and are developing connections with others, what are you going to leave them with? Are you going to hand them something that reminds them of what you were teaching on?

Phase 5: Extending– Think about how you can extend the teaching of God’s Word in people’s hearts during the week not just on Sunday. Will you get life groups watching a video clip of your message and then having discussion questions to follow up afterwards? Do you make your sermons and teachings available for free on CD, iTunes, Website? Do you have a Q&A section on your website that allows people to give feedback on your sermons?

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Kingdom Culture Pt7 – Technology”

  1. Absolutely, the use of current trends and technology to bring across eternal truths is vital to bringing alive the message of the gospel to people who by enlarge see this message as dated and irrelevant. If we use outdated technology and irrelevant concepts this reinforces this in their minds. Paul himself used the visual and written mediums relevant to his day on Mars Hill when he points out the carved idol to the unknown god, and quotes from Greek poetry.

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