Kingdom Culture Pt5 – Leadership

Leadership is an imperative in the integration and outworking of kingdom culture both in the church and in the world. Leaders move people from where they are to where they need to be. They are culture catalysts that establish culture and set an example to others of how life and ministry should be embraced.

In the New Testament there are 3 main groups of people in church: Elders, Deacons and church Members. In 1 Tim 3 Paul outlines to Timothy what the qualifications for eldership and deacons are. They are specific and character based rather than gift based although elders must be able to teach. Elders (not age based) are senior leaders in the church and deacons are associate leaders in the church. Elder-leaders are to teach and protect doctrine, administer church discipline, shepherd the flock, appoint elders and deacons under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, set direction for the corporate body and set an example of Christ-likeness to the rest of the congregation. At the end of the day Jesus Christ is the senior pastor.

John Piper gives a great analogy for how we are to look at embracing (from a qualification perspective) the three groups of people (elders, deacons & members) in church life: The front door to attend church life should be as wide as possible. The door to membership should then be smaller. The door to deacons should be smaller again and the door to eldership should be tiny (Adapted from Vintage Church).

The terms we use today for different expressions of leadership can be confusing: pastor, prophet, teacher, apostle, evangelist (Eph 4:11). In a church government context all senior pastoral leadership roles (5 fold gifts) are elder based leadership roles. All other associate leadership roles are basically deacon roles.

The need for leadership development in the church is massive. We have a great lack of biblically qualified leaders throughout the church. Elders have a responsibility to coach Christians to develop in their calling as a leader (If Holy Spirit has called them to this role) and to reproduce the Character of Christ in others. Both life on life and formal leadership development needs to be apart of every local church.

Leadership is also an important issue in the home as well as in the marketplace. Eph 5:22-33 outlines the biblical instructions for expressions of leadership in the home. Matt 20:20-28 and Eph 6:5-9 refer to leadership in the marketplace. Leadership is a biblical issue and is critical in the establishment of kingdom culture.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Kingdom Culture Pt5 – Leadership”

  1. Rach Wallace Says:

    thats really cool. Its the first time I have really got what the different roles mean and do. Makes a lot of sense.

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